French Open 2014
Montclar, France. 01 - 06 Sep, 2014

Copa Sopó OPEN – Colombian Nationals
Sopo, Colombia. 30 Aug - 07 Sep, 2014

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The 2nd FAI Paragliding Pan-American Championship will be held at Loma Bola, Sierra de San Javier, Tucuman, Argentina 1 to November 10, 2014. The Argentine spring will be delivering a beautiful thermals producing landscape that only a maximum of 150 ranked pilots will enjoy.

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13th FAI European Paragliding Championship will be held from August 03 till August 16, 2014 in Kopaonik, Serbia. August is the best flying season in Kopaonik and we expect plenty of flying days with long tasks.
The registration is open. Welcome!

Aerobatlle 2014 will take place from 3rd till 8th of July at Borovets ski resort, Bulgaria. This flying site located in the slopes of Rila mountains has recently been brought to paragliding activity by Yassen Savov - the best wing of Bulgaria and European Paragliding champion.

The competition will be held in Koktebel, Crimea from April 30 till May 04, 2014. A birth place of Russia gliding since beginning of XX century Klementieva mountain due to its unique aerology has always been a home for all air sports. The organizer is «Crimea Paragliding» club.

Paragliding Finnish Open will be held on 6-12 July, 2014 at Kiikala airfield in Finland. Airfield is located in the middle of beautiful Finnish countryside surrounded by forests, lakes and fields. It is organized by Finnish Aeronatical Club and Southern Finland Paragliding Club.

«SBS Challenge» welcomes you to the North Cauсases. It is a paragliding competition combined with jeep-trial rally. It means that every paraglider participates in pair with jeep - so called "Jeepair" format. It will be held from 1st till 4th of May, 2014.

SKY FLY XChallenge welcomes you in the heart of Carpathians mountains in Rimetea - the place where the sun rises two times! This open distance XC competition will be held on 1-4 May, 2014. No pre-defined routes. Each pilot is challenged to reach the furthest horizon.