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Event info

Ali Dagi Open 2013 is also a 2d round of Turkish XC Nationals, 2d round of Iranian National and PrePWC event. It will be held in Kayseri Turkey from 24 till 30 August, 2013. The will be free accommodation for the pilots.

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Flying site

Ali Mountain is one of the famous places in Turkey - a flying site for two World Cup tours and dozens of minor paragliding events. It is located near the town of Kayseri in the Kayseri Province in central part of the country, in Anatolia.

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Event info

Ali Dagi Open 2013 is also a 2d round of Turkish XC Nationals, 2d round of Iranian National and PrePWC event. It will be held in Kayseri Turkey from 24 till 30 August, 2013. The will be free accommodation for the pilots. It will be held in a place that has twice hosted PWC events. There will be awards in Overall, Turkish National, Teams and Iranian scoring categories.

Flying site

Ali Mountain is one of the famous places in Turkey - a flying site for two World Cup tours and dozens of minor paragliding events. It is located near the town of Kayseri in the Kayseri Province in central part of the country, in Anatolia. The area of Kayseri is surrounded by the Mount Erciyes, the Mount Hasan and the Mount Ali.
Mount Ali (Ali Dagi) is located right near the town of Talas. There is a version that Ali Dag is named in honor of Ali Baba, a famous fabulous character, who is said to have lived in the area. It is a triple peaked round mountain about 1800 m height. A fine road leads to the top of it.
Mount Erciyes (Erciyes Dagi) is a massive stratovolcano located 25 km to the south of Kayseri in Turkey. Erciyes is the highest mountain in central Anatolia, with its top reaching 3,916 metres. It is considered to be the highest peak of the Anti-Taurus mountain range, a northeastern extension of the Taurus Mountains to the south, and belongs to the Alpide belt in Eurasia. This volcano may have erupted as recently as 253 BC.
Mount Hasan (Hasan Dagi) is an inactive stratovolcano on the border of Aksaray province. With an altitude of 3,253 m, it ranks as the second highest mountain of central Anatolia. It eruption is considered to be in Neolithic times.

Ali Dag flying site enjoys a dry continental climate of central Turkey and attractive thermal conditions. The best flying season is of course summer but it is possible to fly in winter in this area. The average cloud base in summer is about 5000 m and thermal strength is about 4 m/s. For comparison in spring thermal strength is twice as low and reaches only 2 m/s. The best month for XC flights is July. Thermals work all day long. We recommend to launch at about 12:00 then you can enjoy the best house thermals. The best winds for flying are W and NW.
When flying in Ali Dag are one should take the following precautions: the area of the volcano may be turbulent, with S wind in the higher level and avoid to fly to the north of the take off as military airfield is close and international airport is not so far.

Ali Dag is a record site. The longest flight from this take off was 157 km made by Yurdaer Etike in 2008 and also in 2010 a Turkish pilot Durali Karaca made an altitude record of 4900 m there. But on average summer day one should expect a normal 70 km XC flight.

Ali Mountain is a famous competition place. It hosted Paragliding World cup two times (in 2004 and 2007), with two PrePWC as expected and three Turkish Paragliding Championship (in 2007, 2008, 2009). It is also a famous Hanggliding competition place. Kayseri Hang gliding cup was held there in 2006 and 2007 and Hang Gliding European Championship in 2012.

Ali Mountain take off is located at its peak. Good ground road winds up the mountain to the take-offs. It is only 10 km to the nearest town.

Take-off 1: 1100 m ASL (38.667987, 35.545920)
It will be the competition main take off. Exposure E SE. Winds N, NW. Take off ground is large enough to lay 10 gliders. The slope is covered with grass. Its possible to make a top landing in case of necessity there. The take off has the following facilities: barracks, electricity, water, radio and 2 man 2 Women WC

Landing: 700m ASL (38,68812, 35,51734)
A large field at the bottom of the mountain covered with grass. The landing is right on the border of Talas town.

Selection and entry fee

Any pilot can participate in this competition. No special requirements.
Max number of participants: 130

Entry fee <\b>
120 TL - 50 Euros before 30th of July and after 140TL or 55 Euros.

Entry fee payment in Turkish lira<\b>
Müşteri No: 242565549
Hesap No : 5316 0022183
IBAN : TR42 0006 4000 0015 3160 0221 83

Entry fee payment EURO account for foreign registrations
Name of the bank: TÜRKİYE İŞ BANKASI AŞ.
Client No: 242565549
Account No : 5316 0007869
IBAN : TR34 0006 4000 0025 3160 0078 69

Entry fee includes <\b>
Opening and Closing ceremonies

So all the participants can have free accommodation in Student Guesthouse in Kayseri.

Prize fund and scoring categories

There will awards in the following scoring categories:
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Overall (International)
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Women (International)
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Turkish Overall (Turkish National)
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Turkish Women (Turkish National)
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Teams
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Iranian Overall
1st, 2d, 3d ranked in Iranian Women

Pilots can form a team to compete in team’s category. Each team is maximum 5 pilots of 4 male and 1 female.(4+1)
Teams with lower numbers can be accepted by MD. Minimum required number of pilots are 2 male and 1 female pilot.(2+1)

Teams scoring for the task
Only best 2+1 pilots will be count for each task. There can be no change in teams or numbers once the competition starts.

General schedule

Saturday, 24 August, 2013
Registration and official training day
Free transport and retrieve will be provided on designated route.
12:30 Training task
19:30 Mandatory safety briefing
20:00 Opening ceremony and cocktails,
Sunday, 25 August - Thursday, 29 August, 2013
Competition flying days
Monday, 30 August, 2013
Reserve day
20:30 Prize giving and closing ceremony.
21:00 Dinner & Party

Daily schedule

09:00 Meteo briefing
10:00 Transport to Take off area
11:30 Task briefing
18:00 Check in deadline
20:00 Provisional results

Accommodation and Activities

How to get here

HQ is located at Talas Aviation Club Guest House in Kayseri.

To come to Kayseri one must arrive to Erkilet International Airport.

Turkey, Kayseri, Atatürk Blv Zincidere Mh.,
Kayseri TR


The city is served by Erkilet International Airport and the International Air Transport Association symbol for the airport is ASR. The airport is at a short distance from Kayseri center. There are several flights per day to Istanbul, Turkey's premium air transportation hub. Since the air transportation industry in Turkey is growing fast at present, new flights from Kayseri to several other localities in Turkey and outside Turkey are soon to be expected.
Air transport price:
Istanbul - Kayseri with Turkish Airlines One way (About 1 Hour)
Price : 120,00 TL (About 60 €)


The transportation within the city relies mainly on a light rail transit system, buses, dolmuş, and personal vehicles.

Intercity bus approximate prices:
Istanbul-Kayseri (About 11 Hours)
Price : 50,00 TL (About 25 €)
Ankara - Kayseri (About 5 Hours)
Price: 20,00 TL (About 10 €)


Kayseri is connected to the rest of country with railroad service. There are four trains per day to Ankara. To the east there are two branches: one to Kars and Doğukapi toward Armenia, and another to Tatvan on the west shore of Lake Van.

Railroad Transportation prices:
Istanbul-Kayseri (About 17 Hours)
Price : 30,00 TL (About 15 €)

Ankara - Kayseri (About 8 Hours)
Price: 15,00 TL (About 7,5 €)


Since the city is located in central Turkey, transportation via cars and buses are highly efficient. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Ankara, approximately 3 hours to Mediterranean shores and 45 minutes to Cappadocia. The symbol of the city, Mount Erciyes, which is a notable ski center in winters and a trekker's paradise in summers, is at only 30 minutes' drive from the city centre.



Talas Township Cultural and Sportive Affairs Department
Yenidoğan Mah. Pazar Cd. No:10
E-mail: talas@talas.bel.tr
Talas Hava Sporlari
Yenidoğan Mahallesi Pazar Caddesi
No: 10 Posta Kodu(Zip Code): 38280
Talas / Kayseri / Türkiye
Tel: +90 352 437 00 54
Semih Sayir
Meet director
Ebru Kilicaslan
Safety Director
Ulric Jessop
Scorer and Jury board member
Dilek Cansevgisi
Report back



Confirmed pilots
Allowed pilots
Total registered
# Name Sponsor Glider Status


  1. Alireza Esna Ashari (267)
  2. Semih Sayir (1111)
  3. Stef Juncker (233)

The winner of the first place is undoubtedly Alireza Esna Ashari (IRN) who has won 3 of the 5 tasks and was the second in the two tasks that he hasn't won. Though for the second place we had a very tough competition which was won by Semih Sayir (TUR). The third place belongs to Stef Juncker (ZAF) who's excellent result in a very difficult task 3 along with other good achievements secured the third in Overall for him.

Overall results


  1. Ayse Bayrak (119)
  2. Daria Krasnova (1)
  3. Marina Olexina (700)

It was tough competition between Ayse Bayrak (TUR) and Daria Krasnova (RUS). Still the native country winds were in favor of Ayse :). Marina has shown good results in 3 of 5 tasks and her making the goal in difficult task 2 helped her to join the winners.

Women results


  1. Semih Sayir (1111)
  2. Durali Karaca (661)
  3. Ayse Bayrak (119)

The girls in Turkey fly as fast as men. This was proved by Ayse Bayrack who has become the third winner of the Turkish Overall along with Semih Sayir and Durali Karaca.

Turkish results

Turkish Women

  1. Ayse Bayrak (119)
  2. Merve Arslan (711)
  3. Aysegul Erkilinc (33)

Turkish Women results


  1. Alireza Esna Ashari (267)
  2. Soheil Barikani (370)
  3. Hadi Heidari Dastjerdi (15)

Iranian results

Iranian Women

  1. maryam haji asadolah (1987)
  2. sara mardaneh (80)
  3. ()

Iranian Women results


  1. Golden Eagle
  2. Isuk
  3. Russia

Teams results

Tasks and results

Task 1

25 Aug, 2013

84.7 km — Race to goal

Comp. results:

Task 2

26 Aug, 2013

74.4 km — Race to goal

Task 3

27 Aug, 2013

71.9 km — Race to goal

Task 4

28 Aug, 2013

60.7 km — Race to goal

Task 5

29 Aug, 2013

53.6 km — Race to goal