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Event info

Because of the latest UK restrictions over travel from France for the UK pilots, the event is cancelled.

Due to the cancellation of the earlier event in Le Grand Bornand, the event is being rescheduled for St Andre, in late August.

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Flying site

The flying site of St André les Alpes is called after its mountain Le Chalvet. It offers pilots various flying conditions and a number of XC routes. The classic direction is an ascend from St André to the North, for example to Briacon, to the valley of the Verdon or as far as Allos.

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  • 0 Pilots Confirmed
  • 0 Pilots total registered
  • 240 GBP Entry fee
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  • 120 Pilots max allowed
  • 0 Countries presented
  • ✅ CCC and lower allowed
    ❌ Uncertified wings prohibited
  • 🏆 🏅 FAI Status = CAT 2
  • left before start of event
  • 🛰️

    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
  • 🚁

    The region supports helicopter rescues

    Helicopter rescue
  • 🚁

    There will be medical rescue services at launch

    Medic on takeoff
  • 🚁

    The region generally has good phone coverage

    Good phone coverage
  • 🚁

    We will be monitoring radios for your safety whilst you fly

    Radio coverage
  • 🚐

    There will be vehicles supplied to take you to launch

    Launch Transport
  • 🥾

    There will be retrieve vehicles available to return pilots to HQ

    Retrieve included
  • 💩

    There are toilets at, or near, the launch

    Toilets on takeoff
  • 🛰

    The organisers will download the tracklogs at HQ for scoring

    Tracklogs managed
  • 📢

    The organisers are using Airtribune for registration, tracking, blogging and to publish scores

    Airtribune blogging
  • 🗺

    The organisers will give you printed maps at registration

    Maps are supplied
  • 💳

    The organisers will give you an ID card with all the essential items listed

    ID Cards
  • 🍕

    There will be a social evening with food

  • 🎉

    There will be an organised party during or after the event

  • 🎵

    There will be live music or a DJ at the event

    Live music
  • 👕

    You will receive a tshirt or other welcome gift

    Free gift
  • 🅰

    This event awards PWCA letters

    PWCA Letters
  • 💚

    The organisers have commmitted to Carbon Offset the event, including competitior travel to & from the venue

    Carbon offset
  • ♻️

    The organisers support reducing the use of unnecessary plastic at the event. This includes NOT giving disposable water bottles

    Plastic reduction

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • British Championships
  • British Female
  • Overall Class
  • Female Winner (Overall)
  • Sports Class (Overall)
More information about prizes and categories


Event info

Because of the latest UK restrictions over travel from France for the UK pilots, the event is cancelled.

Due to the cancellation of the earlier event in Le Grand Bornand, the event is being rescheduled for St Andre, in late August.

St Andre has been a regular venue for the event over the years, so it made sense to fall back to the venue with the current Covid restrictions that are causing issue for so many events again this summer.

Please read carefully the information about the event, and in particular the cancellation policy in place for this event.

- The Event will be limited to 120 Pilots*
- The Covid situation will have hopefully settled down by the time of the competition but in the case it is required, additional Covid related measures will be discussed prior to the event
- The event will have a full Flymaster Live tracking system present for safety
- The event will have PWCA letters awarded, with the event being named for both the British and Dutch pilots to have their boosted ranking letters

Once the 120 limit is reached no further pilots will be accepted in to the event. If there are cancellations later, the cancelled places will not be reassigned unless the total number confirmed drops below 100 pilots. With the short notice and increased workload for the organisers they do not wish to further complicate the registration process.

Flying site

The flying site of St André les Alpes is called after its mountain Le Chalvet. It offers pilots various flying conditions and a number of XC routes. The classic direction is an ascend from St André to the North, for example to Briacon, to the valley of the Verdon or as far as Allos. Another North route which is worth mentioning is there-and-back from St André to Fort Dormillouse. This route is 115 km long. Most popular South route is there-and-back to Col de Bleyne. The speed ring route includes Déco, Lambruisse, Grand Cordeuil, Pic de Chamatte and Atterro Lac. The Cup route - a triangle about 41 km - goes through Le Chastelle, across the valley of Clumanc, to the south of Sommet du Cousson and back to St Andre. More information about routes can be found here: http://www.saint-andre-parapente.com/generalites/

Please pay special attention that it is not a free-flying site (FFVL). The flying site of St André is managed jointly by the Association St Andréeenne Free Flight, and paragliding school Aérogliss. All the land is rented and landing is a subject to a special usage agreement. The school administer the site, and ask all visiting pilots to contact them before flying. Their base is in next to the lakeside landing field.
Aerogliss contact details - Tel: 04 92 89 11 30, Email divers@aerogliss.com.

There are three take offs within a radius of 1 km. S and SE take offs are located together and SW/W at a short distance from them.
A narrow tarmac road leads to the take offs. Though the distance is 7 km it takes about 20-25 minutes to drive there. There is enough place to park. Car parking lot capacity is 90 vehicles. You can also get to take off by the Fly St Andre shuttle bus, or a local taxi. Shuttle bus operates in July-Sept, its stop is near the school. The local taxi takes minimum 5 people to go to takes off.
To get to S and SE take offs you can park at the first carpark on top of Le Chalvet. S and SE launch grounds are at 3 min walking distance from the carpark, on the same part of the mountain overlooking St Andre les Alpes. There is a large windsock on the site. You can get more information about this place at http://flystandre.com/flying-services/chalvet-site-intro/.

Take offs

Take off # 1 - S - 1540 m ASL, height above valley 650 m (43.976294, 6.490259)
South take off is characterized by a gentle slope. It usually has the S wind from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. The launch ground is very wide and open. This take off, facing Lake Castillon, is suitable both for XC flights and thermal soaring. With one of the South winds that slope of Le Chalvet is friendly for slope soaring. Just move to the right a little bit.
No special precautions.
Please, land on the official landings (Aerogliss - Lakeside and Moriez), and beware of the late morning, when the breeze changes from S to SW. In this case, it is wise to move quickly on the west side, in order not to get to little turbulence.

Take off # 2 - SE - 1540 m ASL, height above valley 650 m (43.976294, 6.490259)
This launch is used mainly during the morning S breeze, or with the East wind. Its slope is steep, but it is clear of obstacles and allows long runs. This take off, facing the village of St André les Alpes, is suitable for all levels.
In summer the wind is usually calm in the morning. This is the perfect time for beginners to fly to the landing field from the S or SE take off using a forward/alpine launch.
Thermals on Le Chalvet usually start appearing in front of the S take off around 10.30 a.m. Early starts are also possible here but the thermals are weak initially and it is a good time for inexperienced pilots to get some soaring practice.
As the sun moves around Le Chalvet so does the upslope wind and the SW and W slope surface begin to work from about 11.30 a.m. Often this makes the S take off being the lee side and the wind blows from behind. So if you came here at this time but cannot launch you are advised to move to the SW-W take off.

Special precautions. With N wind there is an illusion of launch possibility. But this is a trap. It will be very turbulent. Its better to wait till the North or Northwest wind ceases and go to SW take off.
The East wind during morning and evening hours often produce local air waves phenomenon originating from the landscape - the ridge of Serres is just in front. Do not trust this wind as it can turn into turbulence.
In the morning this take off is often occupied by the paragliding school students. And they have a priority to start.

Take off # 3 - SW-W - 1540 m ASL, height above valley 650 m (43°58'39" (43.9777)N; 6°28'44" (6.4789)E)
It’s the main take off of St Andre les Alpes. To get there continue driving to the very end of the tarmac road. Then a 5 minutes walk passing by a forestry house will lead you to the top. Hang gliding launch ground is usually to the left (SW take off), paragliding launch ground is to the right (W take off). Ground size about 80 x 50 m and there is a helicopter landing spot. This is an official 12 FAI World Championship take off.

From this take off the main route goes to the North - to Dormillouse, Briancon and Allos.
From 11.30 a.m. thermals appear in front of the SW and W take off and pilots can use their dynamic lift and top up as they develop. Soon the thermal strength and frequency increases and the upslope wind on take off becomes stronger. So paragliders have to make a well-timed reverse launch then.
At about 1 p.m., the SW-W take off becomes too difficult or dangerous for paraglider pilots to launch due to wind speed.
In the end of summer thermals as well as strong inversions begin later so the start window may be open till 2 p.m. for paraglider pilots.
The dilemma that pilots usually come across here is that if you start too early you may not get the lift, lose height and have an early landing. If you start late the wind on take off becomes too strong for a launch.
A general recommendation for paraglider pilots is to launch from the W take off as soon as the signs tell you that the thermals are working - breezes coming through, the giffon vultures (birds of prey, a kind of eagle) are thermalling and pilots getting up above the hill.
Hang glider pilots usually use the SW take off and for them a later start between 2 - 4 p.m. is recommended.
Of course if you miss the launch window do not be distressed and do not launch when you know it's unwise to do so. Go for another activity in the afternoon and then come back later when flying conditions improve. XC fights are also possible in more gentle thermals after 5 p.m. and you may get a perfect glimpse of the sunset. Evening flights can be made here till 9 p.m. in summer and 7 p.m. in autumn and spring.
Special precautions:
Please pay attention to the NW wind (Mistral). It is delicate but turbulent. W wind often produces a ripple effect from the decline of thermal activity at night.

There are 3 official landing areas.
St-Andre-les-Alpes - Aerogliss school landing - 885 m ASL (43.958287,6.51046)
This is the main landing field and it is suitable for paragliders and hang gliders in most cases. It's a large open area at the northern end of Lake de Castillon. There are two large windsocks clearly visible from the air.

Moriez - Camping Le Pastaire - 940 m ASL (43.961314,6.477814)
This landing is situated 3 km to the West of St-Andre-les-Alpes. A paragliding landing site only. This is a small field to the East of the camping alongside the road N202. There is a small windsock. It is usually used by pilots who have lost too much height starting from SW/W take off and cannot reach the main landing field or if there is turbulence in the main landing site.

La Mure - Emergency glider landing - ca 900 m ASL (43.983382,6.532356)
Located between the river Verdon and the railway just east of La Mure. It is 2.5 km NE of St Andre les Alpes. This is a large field reserved for gliders landing but is often used by other pilots (particularly hang gliders) when conditions at the main landing field are bad or unstable.
There is often a nil wind at ground level. To find one must follow the river away from the lake. You will see a railway bridge across the river. The huge grassy field with a windsock is the landing.

Other possible landings.
Farmers are friendly in the area and tolerant to pilots if you respect their fields. If you do not make it back to St Andre choose fields free from cattle and where you will not damage any crop. Prefer cut grass fields, ploughed fields, rough grazing. Make your decision to land while you are still high so you can use the wind and choose the best location. Pay attention to the presence of poles and pylons and be sure you know your landing site is clear of power lines and cables.

Selection and entry fee

Your place at the competition is not confirmed until we have received your payment. The Pilot Lists show the current status of your registration.

Places for British * Dutch pilots will be offered first to pilots that were confirmed in the prior Le Grand Bornand event, and thereafter on a first come, first served basis.
Places for other nationalities will be offered according to WPRS, highest first.

The event is open to all pilots. However they MUST fulfil the following criteria
- IPPI 4 or 5 qualified (BHPA members must be Pilot rated or above)
- Pilot MUST hold a current FAI Sporting Licence
- To participate in the British Championships, they must hold a British (BHPA ) Sporting card, available from the BHPA office
- Pilot must have flown a 50km flight to goal in a FAI competition in the past 2 years
- 3rd Party insurance
- Medical (travel) insurance

A more complete list of the requirements can be found at the following URL CLICK HERE

The entry fee for 2021 will be £240

Fees and dates will be strictly adhered to. Payments can be made on our website via PayPal with a Credit Card, Debit Card, or using your own PayPal account. PayPal uses data encryption for the protection of your card details. The pilot entry fee includes the fee charged by PayPal for administering your online payment. If you wish to pay for more than one person’s entry fee on-line you must name each pilot in the Paypal notes box.

You may pay by bank transfer, however the payment may take some time to arrive. If the event is full prior to receiving your payment then your payment will be refunded and your place will not be secure. We therefore recommend Paypal if your bank does not offer instant payments.

The pilot entry fee for the competition is set according to the real cost of organizing and hosting the competition. The competitions panel aim to operate as a non profit organisation.

Please Contact Us if you have a difficulty making payment.

Documents required at registration

  • Issued by your local NAC on behalf of the FAI. You cannot normally compete in an FAI event without one. Contact your National Association (NAC)

    FAI Sporting Licence
  • The FAI IPPI card is an International card that states your skill level. It is issued by your National Association and matches the level or your flying Licence

    FAI IPPI Card
  • The organiser requires you to present your National flying licence.

    National Licence
  • You will need to sign an applicaton form at the venue. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Application form
  • You will need to sign a waiver or release document to show you understand the risks. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Waiver/Release form
  • You must provide the organiser with a copy of your liability (3rd party) insurance documents

    Liability Insurance
  • You must provide the organiser with a copy of your medical, rescue and repatriation insurance. You can purchase Global Rescue cover from Airtribune

    Rescue/Medical Insurance

Cancellation Policy

For each competition entered, any pilot who cancels their registration will be given a refund as follows (based on Full Entry Fee):

- Cancellation date more than 60 days before competition start date: 50% refund*
- Cancellation date between 60 and 30 days before competition start date: 30% refund*
- Cancellation date less than 30 days before competition start date: 0% refund*

The following caveats applies:

- Any pilot proving (with medical certificate) incapacity to compete through illness/injury should Contact Us the British Paragliding Competitions Panel as soon as possible. Any refund, if appropriate, will be decided by the British Paragliding Competitions Panel. Refunds will NOT be issued to ill/injured pilots cancelling within 7 days of the start of a competition regardless of personal circumstances, rather pilots should contact their travel insurance provider for advise on any compensation due.

Due to possible restrictions on travel from the UK, the organisers are adding an additional clause for cancellation by pilots affected by travel to the event. Under standard T&C, the pilot is subject to stricter refund policies, however in the interests of fairness to both the pilots and the organiser, we will allow refunds to pilot unable to travel to the event.

Any pilot cancelling because he is unable to travel to the venue due to Covid restrictions must first contact the organisers by email, and will receive a refund on the following scale:
- Up to 14 days (08/08/2021) prior to the event starting; a refund less £50 will be given.
- 14 days or less from the event start, no refund will be given.

You must provide a verifiable reason as to why they were restricted from travel in order to get a greater refund than stated in the standard cancellation terms above.

I am sure it is clear to pilots that in these covid times, it is very hard for organisers to commit to organising an event. The covid travel risks must therefore be shared by the pilot and organiser alike.

Cancellation of a Competition by the Organization ie Covid19 interference etc
In the event the organizers deem it necessary to cancel, relocate, or reschedule the competition you will be entitled to a partial refund. This will be on the scale as follows:
- Up to 30 days before the first official event day: 100% less a £20/20€ admin charge
- Between 30 and 7 days before the first official event day: 75% refund
- Less than 7 days before the first official event day: a lesser percentage to be determined. This lesser percentage will be the balance of funds once any costs incurred by the local organiser have been deducted.

After the start of the competition any refunds will be at the sole discretion of the organizers.

No refunds will be processed prior to the start of the event. Please be patient if you are due a refund for any of the above circumstances.

The organizers will not be liable for any costs incurred by anyone attending, or intending to attend the event, or any consequential losses arising from the cancellation, relocation, or rescheduling of the event.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Additional local rules can be seen as a separate download on the website.
British Champion
British Female Champion
British Newcomers trophy
Chairman's award for excellence

Dutch Champion
Dutch Female Champion

Overall Winner
Female Winner
Sports Class (EN-C & Below)

There will also be various prizes from our sponsors

General schedule

Sunday 22. August

Sunday 22. August
(Suggested task given)

1st task Monday 23. August
Last task Saturday 28. August

Saturday Saturday 28. August

Accommodation and Activities

How to get here

The wooden shack at Aerogliss will be the HQ, as always.

Aérogliss / Ecole de parapente du Haut Verdon
St Andre France


Waypoint files


The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd
8 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1RJ, United Kingdom



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