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Tolmin (Comp-FEMALE class)

Tolmin (Comp-FEMALE class)

TASK ONETue 08-Jun-2167.5 km
TASK TWOWed 09-Jun-2157.9 km

Freedom Open 2021

Tolmin, Slovenia

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorTASK ONETASK TWOScore
10709Constance METTETALFRAEnzo 3Club Poupet vol libre/ École poupet vol libre / Pa145520665
26818Nancy BERGéFRAZeno116520636
30114Elisabeth EGGERAUTGuru113428541
40306Adel HONTIHUNZenonone143367510
50112Ewa KORNELUK-GUZYDEUGuruparaclinic.at, Sziols64172236