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Event info

Paragliding Cross Country.
FAI 2 Category.

We try again :)
For the third time in history the Norwegian Cup is to be held for one whole week, and it is happening in Krushevo, North-Macedonia.

Main principle of the Norwegian Open:
To fly safe, have fun and be beginner friendly.

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Flying site

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans, 159 km from the capital Skopje, 55 km from Bitola, 32 km from Prilep, and only 68 km from the Macedonian - Greek crossing border “Medzitlia - Niki”.

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  • 64 Pilots Confirmed
  • 64 Pilots total registered
  • 270 EUR Entry fee
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  • 120 Pilots max allowed
  • 16 Countries presented
  • ✅ All certified wings allowed
  • 🏆 FAI Status = CAT 2 🏅
  • left before start of event
  • Registration will open on
    05/01 14:40 (Europe/Skopje)

  • 🛰️

    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
  • 🚁

    The region supports helicopter rescues

    Helicopter rescue
  • 📱

    The region generally has good phone coverage

    Good phone coverage
  • 📻

    We will be monitoring radios for your safety whilst you fly

    Radio coverage
  • 🛰️

    Live Tracking is MANDATORY in this event to score. The organiser will provide the trackers.

    Live trackers mandatory
  • 🚐

    There will be vehicles supplied to take you to launch

    Launch Transport
  • 🥾

    There will be retrieve vehicles available to return pilots to HQ

    Retrieve included
  • 🛰

    The organisers will download the tracklogs at HQ for scoring

    Tracklogs managed
  • 🥪

    There will be daily lunch packs for pilots

    Lunch packs
  • 💳

    The organisers will give you an ID card with all the essential items listed

    ID Cards
  • 🍕

    There will be a social evening with food

  • 🎉

    There will be an organised party during or after the event

  • 👕

    You will receive a tshirt or other welcome gift

    Free gift
  • ♻️

    The organisers support reducing the use of unnecessary plastic at the event. This includes NOT giving disposable water bottles

    Plastic reduction

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • Fun/Leisure (EN-B and below)
  • Sport (EN-C and below)
  • Women Overall (EN-CCC and below)
  • Overall (EN-CCC and below)

Event info

Paragliding Cross Country.
FAI 2 Category.

We try again :)
For the third time in history the Norwegian Cup is to be held for one whole week, and it is happening in Krushevo, North-Macedonia.

Main principle of the Norwegian Open:
To fly safe, have fun and be beginner friendly.
Norwegian Open is a competition for all levels of competitors.

North Macedonia is a beautiful place in so many ways. The flying is very safe and gives options for many funny routes to fly. The people is very friendly, and the temperature is good. Warm in the day, not so warm in the evenings.

Ronny Helgesen will do task briefs and debriefs. We are looking forward to see Krushevo's streets full of Norwegian happy faces.

Flying site

Situated at an altitude of 1350m, Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans, 159 km from the capital Skopje, 55 km from Bitola, 32 km from Prilep, and only 68 km from the Macedonian - Greek crossing border “Medzitlia - Niki”. Main takeoff places are East and West starts. Very comfortable even for beginners they also enjoy excellent (in mountain terms) roads connections.
East Start 1420m ASL (41.340802, 21.256547)
It is facing east - northeast towards Pelagonia Valley. It is several minutes drive from the town and an asphalt road goes almost through the launch. When you take the paraglider out from the car, it is already on the place where it should be open. Lazy pilots will love this launch. East Start is a grassy shallow slope bordered by big trees from the South, which offers thick shadows in sunny days.
Home thermals are everywhere: on the left, on the right side from the take off and sometimes straight ahead.
All kind of different cross-country flights can be made from East start. Usual flights are out-and-return to town Prilep to the East, all kind of triangles and zigzags in the valley or over the ridge or distance flights to the South up to the Greek border. Coming back from the South is quite difficult because in "normal" summer afternoon light north wind is blowing through the valley. A good road connection helps coming back.
West Start 1440m ASL
It's a secondary smaller take off place facing west - southwest, it is 500 meters away from East Start. Cars, again, can be driven right up to the launch.
The same cross-country flights can be done from here. Landing fields under this launch are smaller than on the other side of mountain where there are very large fields, mostly grassy. This launch can also be used for beginners so landings should suit competition pilots too!

Selection and entry fee

Eur 270,- before May 15th.
Eur 300,- after May 15th.

Approved pilots will be invited to pay for the competition according to registration date.

Your place at the competition is not confirmed until we have received your payment. The Pilot List shows the current status of your registration.

Pilots will be ranked for the competition as follows:

All pilots will be ranked by date/time of registration (NOT date/time of payment).
90 of the places is set aside to Norwegian pilots, and 30 to foreign pilots until 1. May 2022.
After that date the places is given to the pilots after registration date.

The 30 first non-norwegian pilots registered will receive an email from us inviting them to pay their entry fee and will have 1 week to do so before the place is offered to the next pilot on the list.

Once the competition is full, pilots will be added to a waiting list and then if a place becomes available it will be offered to the next pilot on the list.

License is expected to be shown to the organization by registration before the competition starts.

Will be given in invitation email.

Entry fee must be paid in full. All bank transfer charges must be covered by the participant. Missing funds will be collected in cash at HQ on registration.

The entry fee includes:
• Pilot info package including: T-Shirt of the competition.
• Map of the flying area in multicolor standard, with turn points plotted, waypoints with coordinates and names listed, road network for retrievals indicated will be available at launch.
• All transportation, shuttle buses to the take-off from HQ, all retrievals from the main road network previously defined on each task briefing.
• Downloading of the track logs, calculating and displaying of the results
• Lunch pack containing sandwich and energy bar. Water will not be provided. It is drinkable all over the place and we dont distribute it on ecological basis.
• Prizegiving party for the pilots, including food and certain amount of free drinks, in a suitable place. If going out of Krushevo, transportation will be covered.
• Rescue team for mountain operations, equipped and licensed.
• Ambulance on the take-off, fully equipped and mobile, moving in the direction of the landing for the particular task.
• Most advanced Flymaster Live Tracking available at the time of the competition.

Documents required at registration

  • Issued by your local NAC on behalf of the FAI. You cannot normally compete in an FAI event without one. Contact your National Association (NAC)

    FAI Sporting Licence
  • The organiser requires you to present your National flying licence.

    National Licence
  • You will need to sign an applicaton form at the venue. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Application form
  • You will need to sign a waiver or release document to show you understand the risks. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Waiver/Release form
  • You must provide the organiser with a copy of your liability (3rd party) insurance documents

    Liability Insurance
  • You must provide the organiser with a copy of your medical, rescue and repatriation insurance. You can purchase Global Rescue cover from Airtribune

    Rescue/Medical Insurance

Cancellation Policy

Pilots should note our cancellation policy, inkeeping with all major events;
Any pilots who cancels their registration will be given refunds as follows:
> Cancellation within 7 days of paying = 90% refund
> Cancellation date more than 60 days before competition start date = 50% refund of entry price
> Cancellation date less than 60 days before comp start = 0% refund of entry price
Cancellations must be informed by email and the date at which the email is received will be used to calculate your refund.
Please ensure you have adequate holiday travel insurance to cover any losses if you later find you are unable to participate!
If competition is cancelled from the organizer due to Covid 19, all pilots will be refunded 90%.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Prizes will be given to the best three in
Overall Class, Sports Class, Leisure Class and Women's Overall Class.

General schedule

Saturday, 25. June 2022
14:00 - 17:00 - Official Registration and equipment inspection
17:30 - 18:30 - Mandatory Safety Briefing
19:30 - Dinner at own expense

Sunday, 26. June 2022
09:00 - 17:00 Official training day

Monday, 27. June, - Saturday, 2. July, 2022
Contest flying days

Saturday, 2. July 2022
19:00 - Prize-giving party including dinner and some drinks

Daily schedule

Typical competition day schedule

09:00 Informational briefing at HQ, results from the previous task
10:00 Transport to the take-off
11:00 Distribution of lunch packs and Live Trackers at T.O.
11:45 Task Briefing
12:30 Window opening
18:00 Last landing
19:00 Downloading process, trackers recuperation
20:00 Task debrief, and theoretical lessons
21:00 Provisional Results

Accommodation and Activities

Headquarter (HQ) will be at Hotel Montana.
Hotel Montana is providing accommodation for pilots from around 24€ per night, per person in a double room (around 29€ for single room).

There are many different options suitable for any taste or budget;

Private houses accommodation:
Rooms for rent, starting price around 10-15€ per night, per person. Usually very clean with nice people, fairly familiar atmosphere.

Dedicated villas for rent:
Rooms and or flats for rent, prices varying around 20,00-25,00 €, per person, per night,
usually only housekeeper, more privacy, usually equipped with kitchen.

The town of Krushevo
It is an attraction by itself. Suited at 1400 m. asl is one of the rare places where you are accommodated at the top of the mountain just minutes from the take-off. It is full of historical points of interests, churches and monuments.

Ohrid Town and Lake
Lake of Ohrid is just 70 km away, offering wonderful beaches and summer holiday facilities, endemic fish plates, more than 400 churches from early days of Christianity. Ohrid is UNESCO protected like World heritage site.
More details are available at:

On non-flyable days trip to Lake Ohrid, the most famous tourist destination in the country, can be organized. Also visiting cities of Bitola and Prilep are an option to be considered.
Numerous monasteries and churches with special heritage value are displaced in the region, visiting them is also an option.

Usual outdoor activities are also an option, interesting hiking routes, mountain bike tracks and walks in untouched nature...
And of course a daily swim in the lake.

How to get here

Hotel Montana Palace

Transfer will be arranged from Skopje airport to Krushevo on personal basis.
Price airport-transfer: Around Eur 30,- one way, cash to be paid at HQ.
Minibuses and taxis will be used.
Please note that early notice is expected in order to organize this properly.
If arrival on odd times and dates the price can be adjusted.

If you plan to hire a car, we strongly recommend car rental to be arranged at Skopje Airport in advance, to avoid unfair prices that might be experienced if arranging something at site.

R1306, Nord-Makedonia
Krusevo North Macedonia


International airports in Skopje and Ohrid connects Macedonia with several major European cities. Close regional airports in Belgrade, Sofia and Thessaloniki can also be used, as they are all within a few hours' drive from Macedonia.

Low cost airlines flying to Macedonia
TurkishAirlines http://www.turkishairlines.com - Turkey, Russia, Brazil, India, Israel, Spain, Canada, China, Korea, Norway, France, CzechRepublic, SouthAfrica, Japan, UnitedStates,Ukraine.
SWISS http://www.swiss.com - Denmark, Brazil, India, Israel, Spain, Canada, Norway, Poland, France, CzechRepublic, Japan, SouthAfrica, UnitedStates
WizzAir, WizzAirUkraine http://wizzair.com/ - Great Britain, Italy
Air Berlin http://www.airberlin.com, TUIfly http://www.tuifly.com/de/index.html - Germany, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, UnitedStates
Pegasus http://www.flypgs.com - Denmark,Israel,Ukraine
CroatiaAirlines http://www.croatiaairlines.com -Netherlands, France, Croatia
Adria http://www.adria.si/ - Slovenia


A number of bus lines connect Macedonia with all neighbouring countries and other European cities. Buses are frequent, and offer relatively inexpensive fares and professional service. Usually they depart from Skopje bus station.
Travelling on public inter-city buses in Macedonia used to be quite an interesting experience, since it usually included loud folk music and the risk of having to travel next to very different people with sometimes not so pleasant habits, subject to many urban legends and jokes. At present, public buses have improved and most of them have air-conditioning as well. Still, if you decide to travel by a public inter-city bus, do check it first before buying a ticket.


An international train, operating daily, twice a day, connects Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Thessaloniki (Greece) via Macedonia. It stops at Tabanovce (the Macedonia-Serbia border crossing point), Kumanovo, Skopje, Veles, Gradsko, Negotino, DemirKapija, and Gevgelija (Greek border crossing point), as well as a few small villages. From Skopje, Veles and Gradsko there are train connections to Prilep (35 km from Krusevo).


The international highway E-75 runs north-south from Serbia to Greece, bisecting Macedonia. This is the most common route for overland tourists to take for entering Macedonia. There are also good roads connecting the country with Bulgaria to the East and Albania to the West.
Krusevo is on around a 2 hour drive (160 km) from Skopje Airport, via Motorway "Alexander of Macedon"/A1/А1 and A1, or on about 1 h 36 min drive (119.7 km) from Ohrid Airport via E65 and R1305 (note that this path is not a highway).

Numerous car-rental companies, run by both Macedonian companies and local representatives of recognized Western companies are available in Macedonia. Among the latter there are Sixth, Avis and Hertz, whereas among the most prominent Macedonian companies one should name Biveks, Ineks, Mn, Ni-Mar Komerc and Putnik-Eurodolar.
Rental car prices in Macedonia generally start from 40-50 euros per day, though for longer periods the rate can be somewhat lower. In order to rent a car, be prepared to present a valid passport and driver's license from your home country.

Driving tips
Driving in Macedonia by car: While roads in Macedonia are generally good, drivers should watch out for falling rock zones in mountainous areas, and dogs, cows and sheep in rural areas. Drivers should also note that in Macedonia it is illegal to talk on a mobile phone while driving, seatbelts are mandatory and headlights have to be on during the day.


Waypoint files


Termikk & Rotor AS
Termikk & Rotor AS
Dronningensgt. 13
0104 Oslo
Tonny Karlsen
Meet Director
ronny helgesen
Ane Pedersen
Igor Todevski
Safety Director




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Tasks and results

Task 2

28 Jun, 2022

81.5 km — Race to goal

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