02 Sep, 2015
Glider or Sailplane competitions live tracking services and prices
Services 1-3 days event 4+ days event

Competition hosting

Event’s page, participants registration, races replay

GSM live tracking

Participant’s smartphones (iOS/Android app) or Flymaster Live or GSM live trackers. Or rented GSM live trackers set. Trackers rental

Satellite live tracking

Pilot’s SPOT/InReach devices

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On site presence

Competition hosting + GSM live tracking + Satellite live tracking + 1 person to manage live tracking.

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Event Page preparation

Event page fill up based on data provided by organizers and/or obtained from open sources. Our staff will help you to prepare your event’s page information in English.



The prices are given in Euro. Payment by Paypal.

You can have a test event free!

Please contact us to get a free trial.

Competition hosting

Developed as an answer for all organizer’ needs regarding air sports competition informational support to provide:

  • Best presentation of the air sport events including races replay in 2D/3D players;
  • Fast event’ web page launch;
  • Easy administration at all stages with distributed access;
  • Quick participant's registration;
  • Waypoints planner and other;
  • Social media integration;
  • Timeless data storage.

Organizers are able to publish their sponsors banners on the event page.

Sailplane features

  • Presize 1-2 sec live tracking;
  • Sailplane classes listed;
  • Simultaneous tasks for different classes;
  • AAT and Racing task support;
  • Live 2D/3D players and leaderboard.

GSM Live tracking

There are 2 options of GSM live tracking on Airtribune.

The first one is done by a set of trackers rented from one of our partners. See Trackers rental. You will need to reserve trackers for the dates. And manage them during the comp - hand in, collect, charge.

The second one is done by pilots’ owned devices. So each participant should bring his own live tracker for the competition and take care of it by himself including SIM card, device charging and Start/Stop tracking.

At this moment Airtribune provides the following options for participant’s choice:

  • Airtribune iOS App;
  • Airtribune Android App;
  • Flymaster Live
  • Teltonika GH3000
  • Redview GT60
  • Meitrack GT30i
  • Meitrack MT90

Airtribune apps and Flymaster Live provide reliable 1-sec live tracking with data buffering for discontinuous GSM coverage.

To use the Apps participant needs to be registered and have “Confirmed” status. In this case participant is able to see the event through the application and check-in. To use Flymaster Live participants must enter his device IMEI and Serial numbers on event’s registration page.

GSM trackers provide live tracking with frequency up to 2 sec. The frequency is set by user. Most of the models do not have data buffer for discontinuous coverage.

Your event’ races live tracking will be available for viewers in 2D/3D players. 2D player is based on Google Maps and doesn’t require any software installations. 3D based on Google Earth and needs plugin installing.

Satellite live tracking

The feature has been specially made to increase passive safety level at the competitions. Most of the pilots do have personal satellite trackers but until this time the organizers did not have technical means allowing satellite trackers data usage both for race visualization and retrieve/safety reasons.

Once this feature activated a special field for satellite tracker share link appears in pilots’ registration form. This link can be checked and easily edited by organizer at any time on the trackers manage page in event’s admin interface.

SPOT or Delorme InReach data is equally used for live tracking with GSM tracker or Android app forming a single track for each participant. Thus organizing team and viewers can follow participants even in poor coverage zones.

You can make a full test of any features. Test drive is free!

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Live tracking platform.
Outdoor GPS tracking mobile app.
Competition hosting and live tracking.

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Our services
Mobile app

Airtribune App turns your Android smartphone into a reliable live tracker letting your family, friends and fans follow you online during any sport activity!
iOS app is now available only for competition live tracking purposes.


Live tracking platform.
Outdoor GPS tracking mobile app.
Competition hosting and live tracking.

© 2012 Airtribune. All rights reserved
Privacy Policy and Terms of Service