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Event info

The first Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition of the 2017/18 Season.
All qualified NZHGPA member pilots are welcome.


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Flying site

There are many take offs around Auckland suitable for each wind. The place is flyable almost all year round. But one shall pay attenction to the wind in valley while planning take off and landing points.

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How to get here

Sites will be local to Auckland or as far a field as Paeroas - so get ready to go to Vegas if it's on

Event info

The first Auckland Regional Paragliding Competition of the 2017/18 Season.
All qualified NZHGPA member pilots are welcome.

Flying site

There are many take offs around Auckland suitable for each wind. The place is flyable almost all year round. But one shall pay attenction to the wind in valley while planning take off and landing points. Take care of airspace restrictions for each take off. Located in TMA C, flight ceiling immediately above launch is 3,500ft ASL, rising to 4,500ft as soon as you cross Woodcocks Rd, heading in a north or north easterly direction. Heading south across the valley takes you into North Shore airfield training space with a continued flight ceiling of 3,500ft. Every time this site is flown both North Shore airfield and Kaipara Flats airfield should be advised of your presence. As Kaipara Flats airfield is located directly north of this site (usually immediately downwind) and this airfield is used as a parachute drop zone, there is a no flying restriction within a 3 nautical mile radius of the airfield. This restriction can be reduced on occasions if the airfield is not being used by obtaining their express consent to cut through the south eastern sector, no closer that 2 nautical miles from the airfield.

Take off: Moirs Hill
36°28'15" (36.4711)S; 174°35'9" (174.586)E - Elevation : 301 m.
Landing : 36°28'37" (36.477)S; 174°34'55" (174.582)E - Elevation : 77 m. Requires careful consideration being in a valley with the wind usually coming from one end or the other. An aircraft type landing circuit approach is strongly recommended to determine the wind direction in the bottom of the valley (often different from the wind on launch).
Top landing on takeoff is possible although very tight for hang gliders and often quite thermic posing difficulty for paragliders. An alternative top landing is available to the north east of the transmitter tower requiring a minimum of 600ft above takeoff before making an approach.
How to get there: Access to the site is 6km north of the Puhoi turn off on State Highway 1. Turn left into Moirs Hill Rd, adjacent to the rest area at the end of Windy Ridge. Follow this gravel road to the end and park beside the transmitter tower. Access from this point is by foot through the left hand gate, following the track to the end.

Take off Dills Hill
36°27'25" (36.4572)S; 174°32'52" (174.548)E - Elevation : 63 m.
Takeoff height is 700ft ASL and 400ft above the landing paddock.
Landing :The bottom landing is straigh out in front, in any one of several paddocks.
For hang glider retrieval vehicles the bottom landing is accessed through a farm on the Woodcocks - Kaipara flats Rd. Take the first turning on the left over the railway tracksand drive up the gravel road to the first gate on the right (approx 1.5km), drive through this gate which leads up to a brick house ownd by the Dill family. if no one is home continue past the double garage and veer slightly left across the paddock to a gate amongst the pine trees. Proceed through the gate down to the landing paddocks, closing gates behind you. Check at the farm house before you go through the property. Be aware that the farmer of this property and landing paddock has been from time to time very concerned about gates being left open allowing mixing of stock etc.
How to get there: Located West of Warkworth you reach the site by driving North along State Highway 1 to Warkworth. As you enter the township of Warkworth take the first turn left (Woodcocks Rd) and follow this road for 10km to a railway crossing. Continue up the hill for about 1.5km until you reach the top at a sharp right hand bend with a pull over area and gate to a pine forest on the left. On the right there is a clay dry weather only track leading to the takeoff. Go through 2 more gates up to the trig and then you are in the launch area.

Take off Pukemore
37°31'58" (37.533)S; 175°13'26" (175.224)E - Elevation : 107 m.
Take off Paeroas
38°20'53" (38.3483)S; 176°17'9" (176.286)E - Elevation : 365 m. Winds NW
Take off Kaimais
-37.819919, 175.906382 Wind W.
Source: http://www.paraglidingearth.com/


This competition is sanction by the NZHGPA Paragliding Competition Committee
Johnny Hopper
Comp Director and Scorer
Kyla MacDonald
Logistics Officer

Selection and entry fee

This competition is free. It is very much appreciated if you register in advance on this site.
If this is your first comp then please register and then get in touch with the organiser directly.

Space is limited due to logistics. The first twenty places are offered on a first come, first served basis. Subsequent spots are allocated at the discretion of the Comp Director.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Auckland Regional Champion Trophy (FTV Scoring at 75%)
Auckland "Wind Technician Trophy" (FTV Scoring at 75% on an EN-A or EN-B glider)

The titles above will only be awarded to NZ Citizens or permanent residents. If a foreign pilot wins the competition, or fun class, then the title (and trophy) will be awarded to the next highest NZ citizen or permanent resident.

Other various spot prizes, mostly eggs.

Results from both tasks can contribute to your overall NZ ranking

If you have a valid FAI Sporting License then your results from this competition will count towards your WPRS ranking.

General schedule

Thursday 16th November
19:30 - Meeting place confirmed and go/no-go announcement will be made on this site

Friday 17th November - Keep watching this site for news

Saturday 18th November
09:30 Pilots meeting for new pilots
10:00 General Pilots meeting
12:00 Competition Flying
18:00 Saturday night debrief at a nearby pub

Sunday 19th November
10:00 Pilots gather
12:00 Competition Flying
18:00 Meet in pub, with prize giving

Daily schedule

Check site for location
Meet at location, early and ready to fly (all flight instrument issues should be sorted out before this)
9:00 Pilots briefing
9:30 Convoy organisation
10.00 Drive to take off
12:00 Task Briefing
12:30 Task
15:00 Retrieve
16:30 Upload tracklog
18:00 Pub
20:00 Scores

Schedule is subject to daily change by meet director.

Accommodation and Activities

If we go to Paeroas then we recommend the Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park, or the Waikite Valley Hotpools Camp ground. We don't recommend the Golden Showers Holiday Park, however.
If we go to Kaimais then we recommend the Opal Hot Springs.

How to get here

Hopper's Happy Hens

There is no need to meet here in the mornings - as the meet up place will be announced nearer to the time.

Moirs meet-up: Puhoi Pub, (-36.512206, 174.660544)
Dills meet-up: Puhoi Pub, (-36.512206, 174.660544)
Kaimais meet-up: Ronnies Bakery, Matamata (-37.809622, 175.773830)
Paeroas meet-up: Corner of Ngapouri Road, (-38.325739, 176.327032)

794 Old North Road, Waimauku, New Zealand
Auckland NZ


The nearest is Auckland International airport.
Web: https://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/
Regular bus services connect the airport to the central city and several other local centres. For timetable and connection information, contact MAXX +64 9 366 6400, or vist this page.


Plan the route with bus here
and here http://www.intercity.co.nz/ depending on the town you go to.


If you go to north take-offs (Dills hill, Moirs Hill) you need to take state highway 1 to get to Puhoi. There are about 62 km which will take about 50 min without traffic.
If you go to south, to take off Kaimais take highway 27 to Matamata (150 km - 1,5 hours). If you go to Paeroase after highway 27 continue on highway 5 to waikiki valley. This is a longest destination it will take 5 hours (about 240 km) to get there




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