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Publish your event on Airtribune!
Use promotion instruments, professional tools, races replay.
Save money and time, get more sponsors!
Create and manage
your competition page
  • Turn-key service
  • No programming skills needed
  • Specially designed for paragliding
    and hang gliding
Live tracking embedded!

Service Includes

Participants registration

Manage participants registration. Print registration forms, download Excel files.


Inform your audience during preparation stage. Cover competition days with news updates and task previews.

Waypoint planner

Create, upload and manage competition way points. Way points are available for participants in main formats.

Live tracking for competitions
Live tracking solution for smart, safe and spectacular competitions.
Live tracking is a built-in solution. Whenever you have an event on Airtribune you get live tracking embedded.
Live Tracking App
Use pilots' smartphones
to live track your competition!

Better for participants!

  • Precise 1 sec live tracking
  • Secure data transfer by GPRS, 3G, 4G
  • No additional device to carry
  • Tracklog backup
  • Wireless tracklog upload for scoring

Easier for organizers!

  • No need to buy or rent devices
  • Nothing to transport and charge
  • No trackers hand-in-collect mess
  • No mobile costs
  • Pilots IGC tracklogs automatic upload
Your viewers will be happy
to watch live races!

2D Player

  • Google Maps based
  • Works on mobile devices

3D Player

  • Google Earth plugin based
  • The player you wanted!
Retrieve service
Situational awareness center of your contest!

Retrieve Map &
Report Back

  • Participants, staff and transport monitoring
  • Distributed access
  • Report back through the app
  • Easy-to-use for any internet user
  • Coordinates mapping

Retrieve player

  • Lightest form of retrieve live information
  • Quick access to participant’s retrieve data
  • Fast link to participant’s position on the map
  • Live tracking data relevance evaluation
  • Full retrieve statistics in one screen
24/7 Skype support at your service
Create an event!