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Barberton Open 2014 (Comp-EN-B Class (Provisional))

Barberton Open 2014 (Comp-EN-B Class (Provisional))

Day1, Task1Sun 29-Jun-1429.9 km
Day2, Task2Mon 30-Jun-1443.2 km

South African ParaComps 2014

Barberton Open 2014, South Africa

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorDay1, Task1Day2, Task2Score
10022James BRAIDZAFGRADIENT Nevada365514879
20088Lloyd WILLEMSENZAFSWING Mistral-7309531840
30015Kevin MITCHELLZAFTRIPLE-7 Rook388149537
40011Micheal SEMPLEZAFOZONE Rush 365144209
50630Bertus SMUTSZAFGIN Sprint30157187
615723Gary LEWISZAFAIRWAVE Sport 454129183
70555Colin TAPSONZAFSWING Mistral 630114144
80007Jaco NIENABERZAFNOVA Tattoo30108138
90069Hannes WAGNERZAFNIVIUK Artic 3Self3777114
100099Laura NELSONZAFSWING Arcus-7522274
110025Braam SWANEPOELZAFGRADIENT Nevada302252
110029Eugene SKEAZAFAPCO Vista II SP302252
110050Wayne HEUERZAFSWING Mistral-7302252
110189Henrique MOTAZAFAPCO VistaSelf302252
110777Willie de-KLERKZAFGIN BoleroLSSC302252