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Task Day2, Task2 (The Teams! [Provisional]) Mon 30-Jun-14

South African ParaComps

Barberton Open 2014, South Africa

Task Day2, Task2 (The Teams! [Provisional]) Mon 30-Jun-14

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorScoreR Pts
1Team Reunion235720
 0219Cyril LAMBERTFRAOZONE Enzo906
 0016Baptiste LAMBERTFRANIVIUK IcePeak-6898
 0298Michel RULLIERFRANIVIUK IcePeak-6883
 0278Joel LOIREFRANIVIUK IcePeak-7pro576
 0557Sebastien COUPYFRAOZONE Enzo-2MAUVILAC Ile de la Reunion481
2Gin South Africa196717
 0055Nevil HULETTZAFGIN Boomerang 9Gin South Africa1000
 0018Cal DYKERZAFGIN CarreraGin South Africa741
 1618Richard WERNBERGZAFGIN Boomerang GTO728
 0009Duncan KOTZEZAFGIN Boomerang 9Gin South Africa498
 0444Rudi CRONJEZAFOZONE Enzo873
 0169John LUGARZAFOZONE Mantra M4828
 0111Chris van-NOORDZAFOZONE EnzoMitek South Africa, Vuil Dirk528
 0335Jean van-NIEKERKZAFAIRDESIGN PureMe and Myself479
 1234Guise RauchZAFOZONE Buzz Z3Self22
4Africa's Finest155013
 0036Andrew SMITHZAFNIVIUK IcePeak-6696
 0306Khobi-Jane BOWDENZAFNIVIUK IcePeak-7Cloudbase Paragliding568
 0032Abraham MEYERZAFOZONE Enzo510
 0363Jan-Anthony MINNAARZAFUP Trango XC2Cloudbase Paragliding472
5Hawkwind EC146611
 0238Johan de-BRUIJNZAFNOVA Mentor 3737
 0073Gerhardus COMBRINCKZAFOZONE Mantra M4737
 5300Stephan FERREIRAZAFNOVA Mentor 2649
 42209Herbert HAUPTFLSHZAFGRADIENT Golden-280