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Task Day5, Task5 (EN-C Class [Provisional]) Thu 03-Jul-14

Task Day5, Task5 (EN-C Class [Provisional]) Thu 03-Jul-14

TO0.0 kmBL1Lone Tree Launch
1Exit9.000 kmSS1.3 kmB13Agnes mine
2Entry1.000 km12.8 kmB09Diggers retreat
3Entry0.500 km17.7 kmB08Fairview pool
4Entry0.500 km19.9 kmB29Peak
5Entry1.000 km30.3 kmB22Prison intersection
6(null)ES33.6 kmBG1Barberton g/c
GOALEntry0.400 km33.6 kmBG1Barberton g/c

South African ParaComps

Barberton Open 2014, South Africa

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceSpd PLO PArr PDst PScore
10077John NICHOLASZAFOZONE Delta-2 32.320.049.30.0566.3616
20018Cal DYKERZAFGIN CarreraGin South Africa
30001Ruard de-BRUYNZAFTRIPLE-7 Queen
40363Jan-Anthony MINNAARZAFUP Trango XC2Cloudbase Paragliding 31.980.050.70.0560.4611
56622Ray MULHOLLANDZAFOZONE Delta-2 31.950.050.70.0559.7610
60066Grant van-ROOYENZAFTRIPLE-7 QueenHi5 Paragliding
72007Rouberre BOTHAZAFSKYWALK Cayenne-4LIVIN Adventures 7.570.00.00.0132.6133
83490Nico HICKLEYZAFSKY Antea 4.750.
DNF0546Douglas van-BAALENZAFUP Summit XC2 

Task Statistics


Scoring Parameters


Task Validity


Maximum Points

Total Pilots:67 Nominal Distance:30.0 km Launch Validity:1.000 Max Distance Points:664.1
Pilots Landed Out:50 Minimum Distance:2.0 km Distance Validity:0.886 Max Time Points:235.1
Pilots at ES:10 Nominal Goal:30 % Time Validity:1.000 Max Lead-Out Points:100.8
Pilots in Goal:9 Nominal Time:01:10 Task Validity:0.886 Max Arrival Points:0.0
  Max Task Points:1000.0