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Barberton Open 2014 (Comp-Novice Class [Provisional])

Barberton Open 2014 (Comp-Novice Class [Provisional])

Day1, Task1Sun 29-Jun-1429.9 km
Day2, Task2Mon 30-Jun-1443.2 km
Day3, Task3Tue 01-Jul-1435.0 km
Day5, Task5Thu 03-Jul-1433.6 km
Day6, Task6Fri 04-Jul-1432.7 km

South African ParaComps 2014

Barberton Open 2014, South Africa

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorDay1, Task1Day2, Task2Day3, Task3Day5, Task5Day6, Task6Score
10749Kelvin van-BAALENZAFGIN Zulu3905263893191671791
20008Gavin LAYZAFSWING Arcus-7151122126275110784
31234Guise RauchZAFOZONE Buzz Z3Self74223243625481
442209Herbert HAUPTFLSHZAFGRADIENT Golden-278808117857474
50089Robin HUNT-DAVISZAFADVANCE Alpha 53022132360220
67447Ettiene KLOPPERZAFSWING Arcus 67222323625187
71248Handre FOUCHEZAFGRADIENT Golden 3382203625121
80065Jaco MARXZAFSKYWALK Chilli 23080000110
91771Christopher BONDZAFSWING Mistral-43022270079