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BGD Weightless (Comp-FEMALE class)

BGD Weightless (Comp-FEMALE class)

TASK ONEMon 22-Aug-2252.9 km
TASK TWOTue 23-Aug-2295.2 km

5th BGD Weightless, 2022

BGD Weightless, Spain

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorTASK ONETASK TWOScore
10317Magdalena JANAWAYGBRAlpina 4FlyEvent, Airtribune8078101617
20302Eva HENNEMANNLDSwift 58327621594
30362Valerie OLLIER DUREAULTFRAAlpina 4CNF - Club St Hil7178291546
40361Sarah CASTELLARNAUFRAPeak 5CNF - ligue PIDF8016801481
50360Maite MORENOESPScalaM+S Parapente/Alfapilot8843021186
60303Graça SANTOSPRTBase 2 LiteClube Vertical196782978
70301Andrea PFEFFERDEURush 6None135796931
80306Lian TRAPMANNLDSwift 4 282420702
90321Zoe SHEEHAN SALDANAUSAXi158295453
100319Regina LUDANYIHUNBase 2136296432
110305Ilona LODDERNLDSwift 5-314172