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Event info

National Aero Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Extreme Sports Club Sarajevo, wish you a warm welcome to one of the biggest paragliding events in Balkan in 2021.

The competition will start from the 15th to the 18th of April 2021.

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  • 38 Pilots Confirmed
  • 38 Pilots total registered
  • 40 Eur Entry fee
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  • 40 Pilots max allowed
  • 4 Countries presented
  • ✅ CCC and lower allowed
    ❌ Uncertified wings prohibited
  • 🏆 🏅 FAI Status = CAT 2
  • left before start of event
  • 🛰️

    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
  • 🚁

    There will be medical rescue services at launch

    Medic on takeoff
  • 🚁

    The region generally has good phone coverage

    Good phone coverage
  • 🚁

    We will be monitoring radios for your safety whilst you fly

    Radio coverage
  • 🚐

    There will be vehicles supplied to take you to launch

    Launch Transport
  • 🥾

    There will be retrieve vehicles available to return pilots to HQ

    Retrieve included
  • 🛰

    The organisers will download the tracklogs at HQ for scoring

    Tracklogs managed
  • 📢

    The organisers are using Airtribune for registration, tracking, blogging and to publish scores

    Airtribune blogging
  • 🥪

    There will be daily lunch packs for pilots

    Lunch packs
  • 🗺

    The organisers will give you printed maps at registration

    Maps are supplied
  • 💳

    The organisers will give you an ID card with all the essential items listed

    ID Cards
  • The organisers will have free WiFi available at HQ

    Free WiFi
  • 🍺

    There will usually be goal beers for winners

    Goal beers
  • 🍕

    There will be a social evening with food

  • 🎉

    There will be an organised party during or after the event

  • 🎵

    There will be live music or a DJ at the event

    Live music
  • 👕

    You will receive a tshirt or other welcome gift

    Free gift
  • ♻️

    The organisers support reducing the use of unnecessary plastic at the event. This includes NOT giving disposable water bottles

    Plastic reduction

Where is it

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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By plane, car, train, bus...


Event info

National Aero Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Extreme Sports Club Sarajevo, wish you a warm welcome to one of the biggest paragliding events in Balkan in 2021.

The competition will start from the 15th to the 18th of April 2021. in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Sarajevo is the political, financial, social, and cultural center of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a prominent center of culture in the Balkans, with region-wide influence in entertainment, media, fashion, and the arts.
Due to its long history of religious and cultural diversity, Sarajevo is sometimes called the "Jerusalem of Europe.
It is one of only a few major European cities to have a mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church, and synagogue within the same neighborhood.
Sarajevo is a city surrounded by high mountains with perfect flying conditions especially in April, and we are sure that you will have fun in the air and in the city at the night.

HQ location will be in hotel Hollywood - Ilidza.
The hotel has SPA, a modern gym, a big swimming pool and all of that for an incredible price. 16.50€ accommodation in a double room without breakfast, 22€ with breakfast. (price agreed for planned competition in April, we hope that we will get a same for August)

Reservation on contact bellow. Don’t forget to mention that you are a pilot who will participate in a paragliding competition.

+38761918191 GSM/Viber

Flying site

Selection and entry fee

Entry Forms will be pre-printed signed during the registration.
Entry fees will be paid by bank transfer till 1st April or during the registration.
Before 10th Jun --- Entry fee is 50 EUR.
Before 1st July --- Entry fee is 60 EUR,
After 5th August --- Entry fee is 70 EUR

There is a 3€ charge for paying by Paypal
PayPal email: info@extremesport.ba

If you are not able to pay by PayPal but you want to send wire transfer payment, our club don't have a iban, but you can send money on private iban and we will forward to club account. Please inform us about your payment on email info@extremesport.ba

Iban you can use bellow:

Instruction for International Payments in EUR/USD/CHF/GBP currency from abroad to Bosnia and Herzegovina

57: Account with Institution SWIFT
MEBBBA22 (ProCredit Bank d.d. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
59: Beneficiary Customer
IBAN (account number) : BA391941410175701220
Beneficiary name : MIRVAD ZENUNI
Beneficiary full address: BABIN DO BB, 71220 TRNOVO,

Documents required at registration

  • Issued by your local NAC on behalf of the FAI. You cannot normally compete in an FAI event without one. Contact your National Association (NAC)

    FAI Sporting Licence
  • The FAI IPPI card is an International card that states your skill level. It is issued by your National Association and matches the level or your flying Licence

    FAI IPPI Card
  • The organiser requires you to present your National flying licence.

    National Licence
  • You will need to sign an applicaton form at the venue. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Application form
  • You will need to sign a waiver or release document to show you understand the risks. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Waiver/Release form
  • The organiser wishes for you to provide a summary of your experience on arrival.

    Experience summary required
  • You will need to provide photo ID on arrival. This could be Passport, Driving Licence or National ID, for example.

    Identification documents needed

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancelation, the organizer will return 90% of the payment and will keep 10% of the organization's costs.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Sponsor's gift

General schedule

Registration: 11th August from 20h00 to 22h00, 12th August from 07h30 to 09h00
Opening ceremony: 12th August from 09h30
Mandatory safety meeting: 12th August at 09h00
First competition briefing: 12th August at 11h00
Contest flying days: 12 – 15 August 2021
Prize-giving and closing ceremony: 15th August at 19h00

Daily schedule

• 08h00 - Headquarters open
• 09h00 – Protest result deadline
• 10h00 - Transport to take-off
• 11h00 - Meet Director / Task and Safety Committee meetings
• 11h15 - Pilots briefing / Task definition
• 12h00 - Take-off window opens
• 17h00 - Scoring office opens at the main Headquarter
• 19h00 - Safe landing report deadline
• 20h00 - Scoring office closes
• 21h00 - Provisional results
• 22h00 – Complaints deadline or 1 hour after 1st provisional results

This schedule is subject to change by the Meet Director.

Accommodation and Activities

There is a lot of different possibilities to stay in Sarajevo. You can search by booking.com or airbnb.com. HQ location will be at very special place, you will love it. More info about soon.

How to get here

By plane:
The Sarajevo International Airport is located only 12 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. It serves as a connection to many European cities and to the rest of the world through major international airline hubs, such as Istanbul, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Zurich.... The airports in Tuzla and Mostar, both of which are about a two-hour drive from Sarajevo, handle flights made by low-cost airlines.

By bus:
Sarajevo is connected to many European cities by direct bus lines. The Centrotrans Eurolines bus company (www.centrotrans.com) connects Sarajevo with Austria, Belgium, Montenegro, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia. Other companies, like Biss Tours (www.bisstours.ba) and Globtour (www.globtour.com), also offer direct bus lines from many European cities to Sarajevo.

By train:
Rail travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina is neither sufficiently modernized nor popular, but is a suitable and safe way to travel, especially for low-budget travelers. Sarajevo is directly connected to the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and, from there, with the rest of Europe. A one-way ticket from Sarajevo to Zagreb costs 61 KM and a return ticket costs 97.30 KM.

By car:
Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the process of developing a highway system in order to make road travel more efficient, but one would be well advised to drive carefully on regional roads. Speed limits are set at the following: 50-60kph within city limits, 80kph on open roads and 120 kph on highways. A length of 51.6 kilometers of completed highway runs between Butila and Bilješevo. The toll rate for passenger cars is 5.40 KM and can be paid in cash (KM/BAM or EUR) or by credit card.

Babin do bb, 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina


Waypoint files


Extreme sport Sarajevo
Iza gaja 10, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, www.extremesport.ba
Mirvad Zenuni
Event director
Zeljko Ovuka
Meet director



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