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Task TASK TWO (DUTCH SPORTS class) Wed 29-Jun-22

Task TASK TWO (DUTCH SPORTS class) Wed 29-Jun-22

TO0.0 kmD03D03203
1Exit4.500 kmSS1.8 kmB54B54180
2Entry8.000 km12.8 kmB44B44147
3Entry20.000 km27.3 kmA09A09069
4Entry2.000 km41.1 kmB57B57150
5Entry16.000 km53.7 kmB75B75048
6Entry1.600 kmES75.3 kmD03D03203
GOALEntry0.400 km76.3 kmA11A11100

33rd British & Dutch Paragliding Championships


RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceSpd PLO PDst PScore
10434Matthijs GROENEVELDNLDFusionwww.collegats-outdoor.nl15:00:0018:10:4803:10:4823.0476.32142.355.2439.0636.5
20801Fred BLEIJSNLDDelta 415:00:0018:12:1403:12:1422.8776.32136.436.3439.0611.7
30313Jeroen DE VOSNLDSigma 11CACALEVO15:00:00 75.390.080.9433.7514.6
40792Feite KLIJNSTRANLDAlpina 415:00:00 74.950.038.8431.2470.0
50768Alexander GERMEAUNLDDelta 415:00:00 75.340.035.2433.4468.6
60429Marcin KRAWCZYKNLDAlpina 4Graniso15:00:00
70306Jaap SMITNLDFusion Lightnone15:00:00
80240Sander DE LEPPERNLDSigma 10CACALEVO15:00:00 34.450.00.0198.2198.2
90389Esther DIELISSENNLDAlpina 415:00:00 33.990.00.0195.5195.5
100436Max STEKNLDSigma 11Achterhoekse XCC15:00:00 8.730.
110450Pierre VAN BRAGTNLDFusion

Task Statistics


Scoring Parameters


Task Validity


Maximum Points

Total Pilots:115 Nominal Distance:50.0 km Launch Validity:1.000 Max Distance Points:439.0
Pilots Landed Out:61 Minimum Distance:3.0 km Distance Validity:1.000 Max Time Points:412.8
Pilots at ES:54 Nominal Goal:30 % Time Validity:1.000 Max Lead-Out Points:148.2
Pilots in Goal:54 Nominal Time:01:00 Task Validity:1.000 Max Arrival Points:0.0
  Max Task Points:1000.0