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Task T4 (Belgian Women) Sat 07-Jul-18

Task T4 (Belgian Women) Sat 07-Jul-18

1Entry6.000 kmSS0.0 kmB23EGLISE DE SELLONET
2Entry1.000 km5.0 kmB23EGLISE DE SELLONET
3Entry1.000 km9.0 kmB61LAC DE ST LEGER
4Entry2.500 km20.1 kmB47COL LA PIERRE
5Entry1.000 km27.8 kmB10FORT DE DORMILLOUSE
6Entry1.000 km31.8 kmB35CHATEAU DE MONTCLAR
7Entry1.000 km36.1 kmB12PIC DE BERNARDEZ
8Entry1.500 km48.7 kmB28BELVEDERE SAUZE DU L
9Entry1.500 km53.2 kmB17PIC DE MORGON
10Entry1.500 kmES59.3 kmA91ATTERO COL ST JEAN
GOALEntry0.400 km60.4 kmA91ATTERO COL ST JEAN

Belgian Open

St Jean Montclar, France

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceSpd PLO PDst PScore
10665Lies CoddensBELEden 5/PodBVVF 13:30:00 16.400.00.0109.6110
20668Ludmila ZalikBELChili 4/PodFreeToFly 13:30:00
30659Karlien EngelenBELSigma 10/PodFireFly Paragliding
30667Olga ReznikovaBELArriba 3/PodFreeToFly

Task Statistics


Scoring Parameters


Task Validity


Maximum Points

Total Pilots:123 Nominal Distance:45.0 km Launch Validity:1.000 Max Distance Points:403.9
Pilots Landed Out:45 Minimum Distance:5.0 km Distance Validity:1.000 Max Time Points:491.8
Pilots at ES:78 Nominal Goal:30 % Time Validity:1.000 Max Lead-Out Points:0.0
Pilots in Goal:78 Nominal Time:01:15 Task Validity:1.000 Max Arrival Points:0.0
  Max Task Points:1000.0