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British Sports Trophy (Comp-LADY's class)

British Sports Trophy (Comp-LADY's class)

TASK TWOMon 11-Jul-2277.1 km
TASK TWOTue 12-Jul-2248.0 km

2nd British Sports Trophy 2022

British Sports Trophy, Italy

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorTASK TWOTASK TWOScore
10317Joanna KOCOTPOLDelta 4FastCamper.eu393.8/656.4854.51248.3
20302Agnieszka ZABOROWSKAGBRSigma 11271.0/451.6616.8887.8
30800Eva HENNEMANNLDSwift 5644.7105.1/175.1749.8
40318Magdalena JANAWAYGBRSwift 5FlyEvent, Airtribune84.6/141.0655.1739.7
50316Anna ZEZULAPOLSwift 580.6/134.3428.9509.5
60319Ruth PEACEGOODGBRMaestro Xalps93.5/155.8184.7278.2