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Event info

Iceland Paragliding Open XC 2021
Paragliding Cross Country
FAI Category 2 giving WPRS points for participation.
Iceland PG Open is a competition for all levels of competitors.
See FAI event calendar

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Flying site

Various known sites in South of Iceland...

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  • 14 Pilots Confirmed
  • 14 Pilots total registered
  • 100 EUR Entry fee
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  • 50 Pilots max allowed
  • 3 Countries presented
  • ✅ All certified wings allowed
  • left before start of event
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    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
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    The organisers are using Airtribune for registration, tracking, blogging and to publish scores

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    There will be an organised party during or after the event


Prize funds and scoring categories

  • Iceland PG Open
  • Iceland Nationals


Event info

Iceland Paragliding Open XC 2021
Paragliding Cross Country
FAI Category 2 giving WPRS points for participation.
Iceland PG Open is a competition for all levels of competitors.
See FAI event calendar

Flying site

Various known sites in South of Iceland

Selection and entry fee

Entry fee is €100 / ISK 16.500
First come first served is the key.
Pilots from any nation will get places that are available on first come first serve.

The registration is only valid once the organization has received the registration fee.
Registrations and payment of entry fee will secure your place

---Please Notify by email of all payments---

Payment methods:
Pay to email: ag@teigar.net

***International Bank Transfer/SWIFT:
Name: Agust Gudmundsson
IBAN: IS070513387103822606602769

***Iceland bank transfer:
513-26-100194 Knt: 260660-2769

Or make arrangements of payment with the organizer by mail.
Refunds are in full (less bank charges) until June 1st.
After that refunds are discretion of organizer.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Winners of Open Competition will receive Medals for top 3 places.
Icelandic top pilots will be the Icelandic Champions of 2021 for top 3 places.

Sponsors for further prizes in progress :-)

General schedule

General schedule for each competition day:

16-20 June Task days as defined in Morning Briefing
No reserve day.

Registration will be at HQ evening 15th and early morning 16th before we go to take off.

16. June Wednesday - (registration) and Competition day
17. June Thursday - Competition day
18. June Friday - Competition day
19. June Saturday - Competition day
evening - BBQ at HQ/camping Saturday night.
20. June Sunday - Competition day (short task)
- Prize Giving time/place to be announced

Daily schedule

Daily Schedule

09.00 - Pilot Briefing at HQ
11.00 - Task briefing at takeoff
17.00 - Scoring at HQ

Accommodation and Activities

HQ will be at Camping Site of Arnes ( http://tjalda.is/en/arnes/ )
The HQ is located about 100 km to the East of Reykjavik.

There is a swimming pool and hot jacuzzi at HQ.
Those who dont want to camp and prefer rooms,
there is a Hostel at campsite.

For camping the price is ISK1500 per person, about USD10.
For cars, it might be simplest to get a campervan (small van modified for sleeping in).
With that you have a place to sleep and a car in one.
Camper hires are for example (I dont know them)
I am sure there are more options.

There are other options found on:
Steinsholt ( http://ww.steinsholt.is ) which is on the way to takeoff.
Leirubakki ( http://www.leirubakki.is ) on the east side of takeoff.
Cottage rentals:

And farmstays:

I know some visitors will actually just buy some cheap tents and stuff and treat it as single use (for the trip).
www.rumfatalagerinn.is or similar shops have cheap camping stuff.

How to get here

International competitors fly to Iceland (KEF intenational airport)
Many airlines have scheduled flights to Iceland.
It might be helpful to find suitable flights using http://www.dohop.com

HQ is at Arnes
It has camping place, hostel, restaurant and swimmingpool.

Driving is the only option to get to Arnes :-)

ARNES GPS Coordinates N64° 2' 44.828" W20° 14' 56.404"

Google map directions:

Southern Region, Iceland
Arnes Iceland


Waypoint files


World Airsports Federation
Flugmálafélag Íslands
Iceland NAC
Fisfelag Reykjavikur
Light aircrafts club
Agust Gudmundsson
Organizer, MD, TaskSetter, Scorer and whatever




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