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Event info

International FAI Cat. 2 competition Palz-Alsace-Open 2018 at Le Treh in the Vosges near Mulhouse
08 - 10 July 2018 the D.G.F. Rhein-Mosel-Lahn e.V. will organize together with the French Ligue d'Grand-East.

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Flying site

- Le TREH / Markstein / NW-SW and S/ GPS 47°55’ 32’’N - 07°00’ 39’’E
- Le DRUMONT / EAST/ GPS 47°54’02’ ’N 06°55’02’’E...

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  • 120 Pilots max allowed
  • 11 Countries presented
  • ✅ CCC and lower allowed
    ❌ Uncertified wings prohibited
  • 🏆 🏅 FAI Status = CAT 2
  • left before start of event

Event info

International FAI Cat. 2 competition Palz-Alsace-Open 2018 at Le Treh in the Vosges near Mulhouse
08 - 10 July 2018 the D.G.F. Rhein-Mosel-Lahn e.V. will organize together with the French Ligue d'Grand-East. We have places for 120 participants. The entry fee is € 100, - with a lunch packet, transportation to takeoff and retrieve.
Our headquarter is at the main landingfield AÉROTEC between Fellering and Oderen. At this location you can stay at a campingplace or you can book B&B nearest in the two towns. We have two big starting places, Le Treh for S- SW and Le Drumont for E, big enough for 120 Pilots. The terrain is thermally very good and excellently suited for competition. We are looking forward to welcome you in beautiful France.

Flying site

- Le TREH / Markstein / NW-SW and S/ GPS 47°55’ 32’’N - 07°00’ 39’’E
- Le DRUMONT / EAST/ GPS 47°54’02’ ’N 06°55’02’’E

Selection and entry fee

Competition Info:

Organising NAC: DHV
Organising Committee: Drachen- und Gleitschirmfliegerfreunde Rhein-Mosel Lahn e.V. and Ligue d'Grand East
Meet Director: Jean-Christophe Fassel
Event Director: Horst Gresch
Jury Members: According to German Sporting Code 2018

1. League pilots from Germany
2. 40 pilots from France
3. National pilots from Germany
4. International pilots
- max. 120 pilots –

Entry fee is 100,-€ - payable after you got an email that you are selected to reserve your place.
The entry fee includes all transport to/ from start and landing area and retrieve service from official roads, also a lunch paket.
Preffered pilots are french and german league pilots. The other pilots are selected by the Organizing Committee. After the payment we confirm his participation by a mark in the pilot list.
In case of competition cancelation 30,-€ of the payment can not be returned.

Requirement for Pilots to enter this competition:

- All pilots must hold a valid FAI sport license and shall be of sufficient standard to meet the demands of an international competition. Helm with norm CE EN 966, harness with protector, reserve system. Paragliders must be flying in their weight range. Only Paragliders with EN or CCC certification are allowed. The organisers have the right to refuse any glider not of acceptable standard or configuration.

- Documentary proof in English or German of insurance covering public liability risk to a value of 1.5 Mio. Euro must be presented to the organisers before the start of the competition, as well as a personal accident insurance covering medical assistance and reparation. Helicopter Rescue insurance is obligatory.

- All pilots fly on their own responsibility. All pilots accept without restriction to hold the organisers, its bodies and members harmless and waive all claims to compensation. – See page 3; DHV-Liability Disclaimer .

- To have live tracking and retrieve a pilot should have an Android or IOS smartphone with mobile internet connection during the whole comp. downloading the mobile App (Android or IOS) from Airtribune or use Flymasterlive or SPOT for livetracking.

- Radio (2m band)
- Mobile Phone (Android/IOS) with mobile App Airtribune or Livetrack24
- Attention: no mobile App, SPOT or Flymasterlive no livetracking and no retrief granted!

60 places are reserved for the pilots from the german ligue.
40 places are reserved for french pilots
10 wildcards for the organizer

DHV-Wettbewerbsordnung 2018 - FAI Section 7

GPS – track log, The Organizer provides cables for the following GPS/loggers only: Garmin, Bräuniger,Aircotec, Compass/C-Pilot,. For any other accepted GPS/logger the pilot must bring his own cable.

Retrieval: Retrieval along the main roads and official shuttle service to take off/ bomb out will be organized.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Overall Palz-Alsace-Open 2018
Female Palz-Alsace-Open 2018
Serial Class LTF A/B/C

General schedule

Official registration 07.07.2018 from 06:00pm – 09:00pm at main landing Aérotech and 08.07.2017 from 08:00am - 10:00am
Mandatory safety briefing 08.07. at 10:00am for airspace and airfield information
Short weather briefing 08.07 – 10.07.2018 daily at 09:00am at main landing Aérotec
Prize giving ceremony 10.07.2018 as soon as possible

Sutarday, July 07. 2018
First task for the German league and traineeday for other participants
10:00am briefing at at main landing Aérotec

Daily schedule

09:00 am - Short briefing at main landing
09:15 am - Spend the lunch packages
09:30 am - Transport to the take-off I
10:30 am - Transport to the take-off II
11:00 am - Meet Director / Task and Safety Committee meetings
12:00 am - Weather and Task breefing
12:30pm - 14:00pm Take-off window opens
17:00pm - Scoring office opens
20:00pm - Provisional results

Accommodation and Activities

Tourist Information - http://www.high-vosges-of-alsace.com/en/

• Wagga Bar/Restaurant/Camping - http://lewagga.com/infos.php (Mainlanding Aérotec, Haedquater)
• Kruth le Schlossberg - http://schlossberg.fr/camping.html
• Urbès, Camping Municipal - http://camping-urbes.fr/

• St. Amarin Au Cheval Blanc - http://www.hotel-chevalblanc.com/
• Auberge de Mehrbachel - http://www.tourisme-alsace.com/de/233001135-Auberge-du-Mehrbachel.html
• Ranspach Hôtel Restaurant Fritschi - http://ranspach.fr/hotel-restaurant-lami-des-routiers/
• Fellering Le Saisonnier - http://www.tourisme-alsace.com/de/233000078-Hotel-Restaurant-Saisonnier.html
• Urbès Au Col de Bussang - http://www.tourisme-alsace.com/fr/233001136-Moto-hotel-du-Col-de-Bussang.html
• Kruth Auberge de France - http://www.aubergedefrance.fr/fr/hotel/
• Kruth Les 4 saisons - http://www.hotel4saisons.com/
• Markstein Auberge du Steinlebach - http://www.auberge-steinlebach.com/
• Markstein Hôtel Restaurant Wolf - http://www.hotelwolf.info/

Restaurant/Camping main landing Aerotech
• Wagga Bar/Restaurant/Camping - http://lewagga.com/infos.php

Useful points
• Apotheke: Fellering 3 route de Bussang
• Apotheke: Oderen 58, Grand’Rue
• Bankautomat: Crédit Mutuel 85 Grand’rue à Fellering
• Lebensmittelgeschäft: Proxi 63, Grand’rue à Kruth

Notfall Tel. 112
Safety Frequenz FFVL: 143.9875 Mhz

How to get here

The Headquarter is at the main landing field Aérotec between Fellering and Oderen on the Wagga Camping place. This is 60km from the Airport Mulhouse. You can drive by car in 50min. The nearest railwaystation is in Fellering.

Fellering, Frankreich
Fellering-Oderen France


Waypoint files


Ligue Grand Est
D.G.F. Rhein-Mosel-Lahn e.V.
Horst Gresch
Event Director
Jean-Christophe Fassel
Meet Director



Confirmed pilots
Allowed pilots
Total registered
Sorting by
# Name WPRS Rank Sponsor Glider Status


The helping hands

Overall Palz-Alsace-Open 2017

  1. Ferdinand Vogel (550)
  2. Marc Wensauer (14)
  3. Maurice Knur (9)

Overall Palz-Alsace-Open 2017 results

Palz-Alsace-Open 2017 female

  1. Ramona Eckert (10)
  2. Nora Martiny (1310)
  3. Melanie Tcaciuc (2504)

Palz-Alsace-Open 2017 female results

Serial Glider LTF A/B/C

  1. Maxime Kuster (18)
  2. Rick van der Sloot (33)
  3. Thomas Jirgal (7)

Serial Glider LTF A/B/C results

Tasks and results

Task 1

08 Jul, 2018

64.3 km — Race to goal

Comp. results:

Task 2

09 Jul, 2018

67.7 km — Race to goal

Task 3

10 Jul, 2018

45.5 km — Race to goal

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