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Task T2 (Polish Women) Mon 14-Jun-21

Task T2 (Polish Women) Mon 14-Jun-21

1Exit12.000 kmSS1.9 kmB21B21
2Entry6.000 km9.6 kmB34B34
3Entry1.000 km21.1 kmA01GODO LANDING
4Entry2.000 km31.6 kmB39B39
5Entry13.000 km49.6 kmB35B35
6Entry2.500 km57.5 kmD01CUARNAN T OFF
7Entry2.500 kmES59.0 kmA02BORDANO LANDING
GOALEntry0.400 km61.1 kmA02BORDANO LANDING

Polish Open Gemona

Gemona, Italy

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsorStartFinishTimeSpeedDistanceSpd PLO PDst PScore
10606Joanna KOCOTPOLDelta 4PKN Orlen, FastCamper.eu14:00:00
21503Magdalena PAWLAKPOLArtik 5MADU pracownia projektowa14:00:00
30021Anna PISKOZUBPOLDelta 314:00:00
40074Anna ZEZULAPOLSwift 514:00:00
40708Klaudia BULGAKOWPOLEnzo 3Maui Jim, Zanier Gloves

Task Statistics


Scoring Parameters


Task Validity


Maximum Points

Total Pilots:113 Nominal Distance:50.0 km Launch Validity:1.000 Max Distance Points:439.4
Pilots Landed Out:61 Minimum Distance:5.0 km Distance Validity:1.000 Max Time Points:412.5
Pilots at ES:52 Nominal Goal:30 % Time Validity:1.000 Max Lead-Out Points:148.1
Pilots in Goal:52 Nominal Time:01:15 Task Validity:1.000 Max Arrival Points:0.0
  Max Task Points:1000.0