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Gemona (Comp-Women)

Gemona (Comp-Women)

T1Sun 13-Jun-2156.8 km
T2Mon 14-Jun-2161.1 km
T4Wed 16-Jun-2173.2 km
T5Thu 17-Jun-2183.6 km
T6Fri 18-Jun-2150.2 km

Polish Open Gemona 2021

Gemona, Italy

10708Klaudia BULGAKOWPOLEnzo 3Maui Jim, Zanier Gloves012/367749432441973
20606Joanna KOCOTPOLDelta 4PKN Orlen, FastCamper.eu11246750233487/2501390
31503Magdalena PAWLAKPOLArtik 5MADU pracownia projektowa108354174203/2295651230
40021Anna PISKOZUBPOLDelta 3102353151231142/161828
50074Anna ZEZULAPOLSwift 5893614935/40409682
63141Anca TABARAROUZenoMe/ SkyTribe145417000562