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Event info

Kopaonik-Raska - the most reckoned Serbian flying site, the place for European Championship 2014, PWC 2013, and a number of prePWCs and National Championships. So this comp is supposed to enjoy a great international attention.

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Flying site

Kopaonik is one of the largest mountain ranges of Serbia. It is located in the central part of the country. Its highest mountain - Pančić's Peak - is 2,017 m ASL. Kopaonik is a National park and the major ski resort of Serbia.

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  • 22 Pilots Confirmed
  • 22 Pilots total registered
  • 130 Eur Entry fee
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  • 150 Pilots max allowed
  • 4 Countries presented
  • ✅ All certified wings allowed
  • 🏆 FAI Status = CAT 2 🏅
  • left before start of event
  • 🛰️

    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
  • 🚁

    The region supports helicopter rescues

    Helicopter rescue
  • ⚕️

    There will be medical rescue services at launch

    Medic on takeoff
  • 🥾

    There will be retrieve vehicles available to return pilots to HQ

    Retrieve included
  • 🥪

    There will be daily lunch packs for pilots

    Lunch packs

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • Teams
  • Serbia Open Overall (Extreme class EnA-CCC)
  • Serbia Open Adrenaline Class (EnA-EnD)
  • Serbia Open Sport Class (EnA-EnC)
  • Serbia Open Fun Class (EnA-EnB)

Event info

Kopaonik-Raska - the most reckoned Serbian flying site, the place for European Championship 2014, PWC 2013, and a number of prePWCs and National Championships. So this comp is supposed to enjoy a great international attention. The event will have race visualisation based on live tracking so come and support your favourites and let it be a fair and fascinating comp. Welcome to Kopaonik!

Flying site

Kopaonik is one of the largest mountain ranges of Serbia. It is located in the central part of the country. Its highest mountain - Pančić's Peak - is 2,017 m ASL. Kopaonik is a National park and the major ski resort of Serbia. It is situated on a relatively flat region, at an altitude of about 1,700 m. This central Kopaonik plateau is called Suvo Rudište. It is surrounded by mountain peaks. To the north and northwest of this plateau stretches Banjski Kopaonik, which is the location of Jošanička Banja spa, whose strong springs' waters reach the temperature of 88 °C (190 °F). Directly below the Suvo Rudište plateau starts the attractive and picturesque valley of the Samokovska River, characterized by its steep run, numerous rapids, falls and gorges.Kopaonik has over 200 sunny days annually and over 160 days covered by snow.

The area of Kopaonik is famous for its landscape and provides fine flying conditions. The flying seson begins in March-April and ends in autumn. The best flying month is August. Clould base depending upon the weather may reach 3500 m. There is an airport nearby so usuaaly the flights hight is liited to 3000 m.
Tasks exceeding 100 km are possible here during summer time. There ware several great paragling events held in Kopaonik and Golija Raska area in PrePWC 2011, PrePWC 2012, PWC 2013, PreEuro 2013 and many others.
You can watch some videos about the past events and their tasks taken at Kopaonik (sorted chrolologically):
By Nebojsa Rosic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp8mNUasOBQ
By Klaudia Bulgakow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIuUBMPWNMI
By Dmitry Korolev: http://vimeo.com/72353537
By Nicole Fedele and Arduino Persello: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIuUBMPWNMI
By Nikola Milivojevic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOB1e2qHNmU

There are 3 main take-off groungs at the mountain Kopaonik.

Take off #1 - Jadovnik 43°19'27" (43.3242)N; 20°44'56" (20.7491)E - 1560m ASL .
S, SSE, SW, WSW exposure. Height above valley is 700-900m. The slope is about 20º-35º and it is covered with grass.
The place is large enough for 150 pilots simultaneous take off. No power lines, no cables or any other hazards. Water for ballast will be provided there as well as mobile toilets. At noon one can find shadow under parasol or trees. There is a helicopter landing place 200m from the take-off and a lot of space for officials and visitors cars parking.
See 360 degree panorama of Jadovnik TO here.
Watch video from Jadovnik TO here.

Take off #2 - Kokorovac 43°21'38" (43.3608)N; 20°46'12" (20.7702)E - 1330m ASL
W, NW, N, NE exposure. Height above valley is 700m.
The slope is 20º - 30º, covered with grass. There is enough space for 20 pilots simultaneous take off. Helicopter landing place is in Josanicka Banja - in the valley in 3,5km away from the take off. Water and toilets are also available.
Watch video from Kokorovac TO here.

Take off #3 - Orlove stene 43°18'40" (43.3113)N; 20°50'21" (20.8392)E - 1740m ASL
E, ENE exposure. Height above valley is 750m.
The slope is 20º - 30º. Can host about 10 pilots for simultaneous take off. No power lines, no cables or other hazards. There is a helicopter landing place 200m from the take-off on the mountain. Big parking area, water, toilets and shadows at your disposal as well.

Others appropriate sites may be used by the Meet Director, after consultation with the Task committee.

Selection and entry fee


Only for Serbian, Hungarian and B&H pilots:

before 15th June 2020 = 130 EUR
before 20th July 2020 = 150 EUR
after 20th July 2020 = 180 EUR
50 places is reserved for Serbian pilots, 50 places for Hungarian pilots, 25 places for B&H pilots, until 15th June. After June 15th, all free places are open for pilots worldwide
After August 4th we'll not receive any payments or confirmations for event!!!

Paypal dudicpredrag1@gmail.com

Instruction for customer transfers in EUR
1. Intermediary:
Intesa Sanpaolo spa
2. Account with instructions:
Banca Intesa ad Beograd
Milentija Popovica 7b, 11070 Novi Beograd
Republic of Serbia
3. Beneficiary Customer
Predrag Dudic
Sesta vlasovska 19, 36350 Raska, Srbija
Remittance information (mandatory field)

Only for Serbian pilots - Paraglajding klub Golija Raska 160-117151-54 Banca Intesa (15.500,00 RSD)

With payment of 50 EUR (55 with fee) you'll secure your place in competition. You can pay the rest at registration day.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Overall. Sport class, Female, Junior, Teams

General schedule

Friday, August 7, 2020
16:00 - 20:30 Official Registration
21:00 Opening ceremony
21:30 Mandatory Safety Briefing
Saturday, August 8, 2020
11:30 First competiton briefing
August 8 - August 13, 2020
Contest flying days
Thursday, August 13, 2020
20:00 Prize-giving and closing ceremony

Daily schedule

08:00 - Headquarters open
08:30 - Deadline for protests of the previous day
09:30 - Transport to take-off
11:20 - Meet Director / Task and Safety Committee meetings
11:30 - Pilots' briefing / Previous task official results / Task definition
12:30 - Take-off window opens
16:00 - Scoring office opens
18:30 - Safe landing report deadline
21:30 - Scoring office closes
22:00 - Provisional results
23:00 - Complaints resolution published

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the Meet Director at the Daily Pilot Briefing.

Accommodation and Activities

Dear pilots,

we arranged very good prices for pilots, friends, families, girlfriends and all supporters during the Kopaonik XCup 2020 event in Hotel JAT apartments in very center of beautiful Kopaonik. There will be HQ, all organization and place of departure to take off.


1200 RSD bed (1 night per a person) + 140 RSD tourist tax (cca. 11,5 EUR all)

1650 RSD bed/breakfast (1 night per a person) + 140 RSD tourist tax (cca. 15,3 EUR all)

For children under 10 years old 50% discount.

2000 RSD bed/breakfast/dinner (1 night per a person) + 140 RSD tourist tax (cca. 18,3 EUR all)

Booking contact jatkop@ptt.rs

For booking use subject/notice "Paragliding" for discount

How to get here

JAT apartments

Kopaonik 1
Raska Serbia


General entry requirements for Serbia
1. Valid passport/travel document;
2. Valid visa in the passport, if a Serbian visa is required for passport holders of the respective country;
3. Proof of sufficient funds for staying in Serbia. Sufficient funds are considered to be 50 Euros per day of stay, proved by possession of the appropriate amount of cash, bank statement, traveller's cheques, credit cards or a letter of guarantee;
4. Certificate of vaccination or a note that he/she has not contracted a contagious disease despite coming from an area affected by a pandemic, as defined by the information of the Ministry of Health.
5. If underage children are travelling with one of their parents, it is necessary to submit a relevant certified authorization by the other parent; or if the child is travelling with a third person such authorization is required from both parents or guardian;
6. It is recommended to have a health insurance for the period of stay in Serbia, covering possible medical costs to the amount of not less than 20,000 Euros.

The main airport of Serbia is Belgrade International Airport “Nikola Tesla”. For the info about the Airport, flights departures and arrival please refer to www.beg.aero

Direct transfer Belgrade Airport – Kopaonik
On request, we’ll organize a direct transfer to Kopaonik. The price depends on the number of passengers in the van. Please send us an arrival info (date, flight number, arrival time), your name, and we’ll inform you about the shuttle to Kopaonik.

You can also use public transport (bus) to arrive to Kopaonik from Belgrade.


You can take a bus to Kopaonik from Central Bus station in Belgrade. Take an Airport shuttle service or taxi to Central bus station, and after that a bus to Kopaonik or Raska.

Shuttle service Airport – Centre of Belgrade
Bus number 72
Departure 05:20 AM, departs approx every 30 min until midnight.
Ticket fare: 170 RSD to be paid in the bus.
1 EUR = 113 RSD (prices of 2013)
Bus stop at the Airport:
In front of the terminal building (between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2)
Travel time: About 30-40 min, depending on traffic density.

Mini bus Line A1
Departure 05:00 AM, departs every 20 min until 6,40 PM.
After 6,40 PM departs every 60 min.
Ticket fare: RSD 300 in the bus.

A detailed schedule of shuttle service is provided at web site www.beg.aero

Intercity bus line Belgrade Central Bus Statiion – Kopaonik
Detailed schedule is provided at www.bas.rs
Travel time is aprox 5 hours.

Also, it is possible to travel to the city of Raska, from where we can organize transport to Kopaonik on request. Please send us your name and the time you plan to arrive to Raska, and we’ll inform you about the shuttle to Kopaonik.


If you come from Belgrade the easiest way to reach to Kopaonik is to drive down the highway to Krusevac and then to take the road for Kopaonik. If you want to take a worse road which again is a shorter one then use motorway Belgrade-Kraljevo-Josanickabanja-Kopaonik.

Rent-a-car service
You can rent a car on Belgrade Airport (counter Terminal 2 Level -1), or somewhere in the city:


Taxi Airport – Belgrade Central Bus Station
Available non-stop from Airport. Ask from driver to go to Central Bus Station (in Serbian – „glavna autobuska stanica“).
Fare: aprox 10 EUR.


Waypoint files


Paragliding club Golija
Kopaonik - Raska (Serbia)
NAC of Serbia
Paragliding World Cup
Predrag Dudic
Event director
Zoran Nikolic
Meet director
Srdjan Stanojevic




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