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Event info

PreEuro, Serbian & Hungarian Open 2021 is the unique competition. Pantelej-Niš - the most reckoned Serbian flying site, the place for PWC 2017, and a number of other important comps. So this comp is supposed to enjoy a great international attention.

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Flying site

Sicevo is situated in the South East of Serbia. Its flying site extends 80 km to the North, 40 km to the South, 70 km to the East and 15 km to the West from take-offs.

North direction extends along Timok’s valley to the City of Zajecar.

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  • 86 Pilots Confirmed
  • 86 Pilots total registered
  • 190 EUR Entry fee
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  • 130 Pilots max allowed
  • 9 Countries presented
  • ✅ All certified wings allowed
  • 🏆 FAI Status = CAT 2 🏅
  • left before start of event
  • Registration will open on
    12/03 20:16 (Europe/Belgrade)

  • 🛰️

    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
  • 🚁

    The region supports helicopter rescues

    Helicopter rescue
  • ⚕️

    There will be medical rescue services at launch

    Medic on takeoff
  • 📱

    The region generally has good phone coverage

    Good phone coverage
  • 📻

    We will be monitoring radios for your safety whilst you fly

    Radio coverage
  • 🛰️

    Live Tracking is MANDATORY in this event to score. The organiser will provide the trackers.

    Live trackers mandatory
  • 🚐

    There will be vehicles supplied to take you to launch

    Launch Transport
  • 🥾

    There will be retrieve vehicles available to return pilots to HQ

    Retrieve included
  • 💩

    There are toilets at, or near, the launch

    Toilets on takeoff
  • 🛰

    The organisers will download the tracklogs at HQ for scoring

    Tracklogs managed
  • 📢

    The organisers are using Airtribune for registration, tracking, blogging and to publish scores

    Airtribune blogging
  • 🏋️

    There will be ballast water available at launch

    Ballast on takeoff
  • 🥪

    There will be daily lunch packs for pilots

    Lunch packs
  • 🗺

    The organisers will give you printed maps at registration

    Maps are supplied
  • 💳

    The organisers will give you an ID card with all the essential items listed

    ID Cards
  • The organisers will have free WiFi available at HQ

    Free WiFi
  • 🍺

    There will usually be goal beers for winners

    Goal beers
  • 🍕

    There will be a social evening with food

  • 🎉

    There will be an organised party during or after the event

  • 🎵

    There will be live music or a DJ at the event

    Live music
  • 👕

    You will receive a tshirt or other welcome gift

    Free gift
  • 🅰

    This event awards PWCA letters

    PWCA Letters
  • ♻️

    The organisers support reducing the use of unnecessary plastic at the event. This includes NOT giving disposable water bottles

    Plastic reduction

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • Overall
  • Serbian National
  • Serbian Adrenaline
  • Serbian Sport
  • Serbian Fun
  • Serbian Teams
  • Hungarian National
  • Hungarian Female
  • Hungarian Sport
  • Hungarian Newcomers

Event info

PreEuro, Serbian & Hungarian Open 2021 is the unique competition. Pantelej-Niš - the most reckoned Serbian flying site, the place for PWC 2017, and a number of other important comps. So this comp is supposed to enjoy a great international attention. The event will have race visualisation based on live tracking so come and support your favorites and let it be a fair and fascinating comp. Welcome to Niš!

Flying site

Sicevo is situated in the South East of Serbia. Its flying site extends 80 km to the North, 40 km to the South, 70 km to the East and 15 km to the West from take-offs.

North direction extends along Timok’s valley to the City of Zajecar. The highest hills here have the altitude of 1000 m ASL and the valley slopes down from 350 m to 150 m. Where landing place in Zajecar is located.
East direction begins with Sicevo Gorge and is 10 km long. The biggest river in this area, Nisava flows through the gorge, along the highway Nis – Sofia. Sicevo Gorge is a natural reserve and a spectacular part of the river Nišava valley lying at the end of the final slopes of Mt. Svrljiske Planine and Mt. Suva Planina.
Further towards the East, there is Bela Palanka’s valley, and further more there is Pirot’s valley, with altitudes of 250 – 400 m ASL.
North of Nisava, there is Svrljig’s mountain range. Its ridge is 20 km long with altitudes in between 1000 and 1360 m ASL. In 10 km to the South of Nisava, towards SE, we have a mountain range of Suva Planina which is 25 km long and has the highest peak of 1810 m ASL.
Altitude lower than 1500 m isn’t recommended to the pilots crossing the gorge. On the way one can find good thermals with normal lift of 3 – 6 m/s, often up to 10 m/s. There are 3 landing places in this area, all near the highway Nis – Sofia.
South direction begins with east part of Nis’ valley, 12 km long at 200 m ASL, and then the route leads across the mountain Selicevica with the highest peak of 1000 m ASL. This terrain is mostly covered with forest. Later the surface goes down to 220 – 250 m ASL. In the first half of this direction, one must pay attention to the net of power lines. Landing place here is a sports airport Leskovac with an altitude of 220 m ASL, located 40 km from the take-off.
West direction is limited to 15 km from take off because first of all there is an airport near the town and second reason is, that E wind is not good for flying in Sicevo region.

Flying season lasts the whole year but not every day is flyable. It depends on weather and winds for example as it was mentioned before in case of E wind it is not recommended to fly. The high season is summer and July is the best month for flying in Sicevo. In spring the thermals are normally stronger specially in April but it varies from year to year. Recently we have observed some changes in global weather affecting our flying site usual conditions. Autumn is good for flying too specially October with nice smooth thermals.

In the area that is usually used for tasks, low clouds can appear during the precipitation, and in the morning above afforested areas. Task can be set more than 100 km but average is about 70 km. Waves can occur only in case of strong S wind at 15 – 20 km to the South of the take-off. There are no background and valley winds. In July thermals usually appear at 11:00 a.m. and last until 18:00, sometimes up to 19:00. The best part of the day is from 14.00 to 18.00. Residual lift is possible in the late afternoon, mostly above rocks and inhabited places. Known turbulence areas are located at the northern side of Suva planina during S wind (approximately in 10 – 15 km to the South of take-off). Also there is a possibility of turbulence above the take-off during E and NE wind which are stronger than 4 m/s. Maximum recommended wind speed for task flying is 6 m/s on take-off with strokes up to 9 m/s, for all wind directions except NE for which maximum is 4 m/s.

Two of the take off launch grounds are located near the village of Sicevo. The road to the take offs is a bituminous one, and there is a small part of cobble and dirty road, as well.There is also a take off at Niska Banja but only for North wind direction.

Main take-offs

Relej - 1020 m ASL N 43˚ 21.406 E 22˚ 05.436 (43.35677, 22.0906)
The launch ground has got S, SSE, SW, WSW exposure. Its height above valley is 550-700 m. It is covered with grass and stones, with the slope of 20º - 30º. The ground is spacious - enough for simultaneous taking-off of 150 pilots. No power lines, no cables or any other hazards. There is a helicopter landing place 100 m from take-off and a lot of space for parking official and visitors’ cars. There is shadow under the sun shelters and wood. The organizers also provide water.

Fakir - 950 m ASL N 43˚ 21.660 E 22˚ 05.750 (43.361, 22.09583)
The launch ground has got W, NW, N, NE exposure. Its height above valley is 400 m. The slope is 20º - 30º and covered with grass. The ground is large enough for simultaneous taking-off of 20 pilots. Helicopter landing place is 440 m away from take-off. The shadow can be easily found. The water is provided

Niska Banja - 550 m ASL N 43˚ 17.113 E 22˚ 00.554 (43.28522, 22.00923)
The launch ground has got N, NE, W, NW exposure. Its height above valley is 350 m. The slope is 15º - 20º and covered with grass. Big enough for simultaneous taking-off for 10 pilots. No power lines, no cables or other hazards. The helicopter landing place is 700 m away from take-off. there is plenty of space for parking official and visitors’ cars. Water and sun shelters are provided.

Selection and entry fee

Before 1st May we are going to save 40 places for Serbian pilots. After May 1st we'll use entry method first paid - first in
The maximum number of participant is limited to 130 pilots.

Entry fee

The Entry fee will be:
150 Euros per pilot / before 1st May 2021
180 Euros per pilot / after 1st May 2021
190 Euros per pilot / after 1st June 2021
Serbian pilots 130€ before 1st May, 150€ after 1st May, 160 after 1st June.

After 20th July will be not possible to register to the competition.
Please refer to LRs.

Note: All bank charges are going on your account, otherwise you will have to pay that cost on registration day!

PayPal payment:

Instruction for customer transfers in EUR
Payment to: KSLiB "ARES"
Address: Uzun Mirkova 4, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
IBAN RS35160005280000209526

Also check Local regulations

For Serbian pilots: KSLiB Ares, Belgrade:
160-389767-13 Banca Intesa

The Entry fee includes
• Transport to the take-off and retrieve on the main routes for all competition days,
• Emergency rescue and first aid medical service
• Upload of turn-point’s GPS coordinates
• GPS track-log download,
• Color map
• ID card & safety/contact information,
• Lunch package, water,
• competition’s souvenirs,
• Free access to all championship events and parties,
• Free internet (Wi-Fi) access at the HQ and Scoring Point,
• Live tracking service

Documents required at registration

  • Issued by your local NAC on behalf of the FAI. You cannot normally compete in an FAI event without one. Contact your National Association (NAC)

    FAI Sporting Licence
  • The FAI IPPI card is an International card that states your skill level. It is issued by your National Association and matches the level or your flying Licence

    FAI IPPI Card
  • The organiser requires you to present your National flying licence.

    National Licence
  • You will need to sign an applicaton form at the venue. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Application form
  • You will need to sign a waiver or release document to show you understand the risks. Usually the organiser will provide it on arrival.

    Signed Waiver/Release form
  • You will need to provide photo ID on arrival. This could be Passport, Driving Licence or National ID, for example.

    Identification documents needed
  • You must provide the organiser with a copy of your liability (3rd party) insurance documents

    Liability Insurance
  • You must provide the organiser with a copy of your medical, rescue and repatriation insurance. You can purchase Global Rescue cover from Airtribune

    Rescue/Medical Insurance

Cancellation Policy


Prize fund and scoring categories

1,2,3 ranking Overall Category
1,2,3 ranking Female Category
1,2,3 sport class (EN A-B-C)
1,2,3 ranking in Serbian National (club, overall, woman)

General schedule

Sunday, August 01, 2021
16:00 - 19:00 Official Registration
19:15 Mandatory Safety Briefing
20:00 Opening ceremony
Monday, August 02, 2021
11:30 First competition briefing
Monday, August 02 - August 08, 2021
Contest flying days
Saturday, August 08, 2021
19:00 Prize-giving and closing ceremony

Daily schedule

08:00 - Headquarters open
08:30 - Deadline for protests of the previous day
08:30 - Transport to take-off
11:20 - Meet Director / Task and Safety Committee meetings
11:30 - Pilots' briefing / Previous task official results / Task definition
12:30 - Take-off window opens
16:00 - Scoring office opens
18:30 - Safe landing report deadline
21:00 - Scoring office closes
21:00 - Provisional results
22:00 - Complaints resolution published

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the Meet Director at the Daily Pilot Briefing.

Accommodation and Activities

1. Private facilities in Niska banja

We can help with accomodation, please contact sport@vss.rs

2.Oficial event HQ will be in centre of Niška banja (Galery), building is shown on map (Oficirski dom).
Around HQ there are many accommodation.

How to get here

Niš is situated in south part of Serbia, 240 km away from Belgrade.

Orlovića Pavla 28a, Niš, Serbia
Nis Serbia


You can arrive by plane to Belgrade or to Nis International airport Konstantin the Great.


If you come from Belgrade, take a bus to Nis from Belgrade Main bus station. Ticket price is about 13 Euro.

From Nis to Niska Banja there is a regular bus service too.

Bus timetable and other information can be found here .


If you come from Belgrade the easiest way to come to Niska Banja is to drive down the highway to Nis and Sofia and after Nis take the road for Niska Banja at the end of the highway.


Belgrade Airport - Belgrade bus station - 10 Euro
Nis Airport - Niska Banja - 10 Euro


Waypoint files


Zeljko Ovuka
Event Organizer
Goran Vuckovic
Event Organizer




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