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Clopotiva (Comp-RO Fun)

Clopotiva (Comp-RO Fun)

T1Sun 19-Jun-2257.0 km
T2Mon 20-Jun-2276.4 km
T3Wed 22-Jun-2242.5 km
T4Fri 24-Jun-2279.8 km

SkyTribe XC Open 2022

Clopotiva, Romania

11880Daniel DIRJANROURush 6Paramania2603681/226331960
27221Mihai IORGAROUChili 5154307213/217379899
30082Adrian CIUPLEAROURush 6Vi?a de Vie2423882350865
40022Vlad MICUTARUROUIon 4SkyTribe2083192011/121729
52005Ciprian STOICAROUIon 4orkas.ro2518121886555
60088Andrei Cristian SERBANOIUROUIon 6Socialinsider777053120267
70001Jurca VALERIUROUBionadiorfurnire74805328207
80737Catalin CHITUROURush 6SkyTribe7468028170
90552Mihai SARTOROUNyos RSDataGrid Software67495340169