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Porterville (CompResults-EN-B / Novice)

Porterville (CompResults-EN-B / Novice)

..1/Day 1..Sun 13-Dec-1563.8 km
..2/Day 2...Mon 14-Dec-15104.3 km
..3/Day 3..Tue 15-Dec-1554.2 km
..4/Day 4..Wed 16-Dec-1547.6 km

WC Open 2015 2015

Porterville, South Africa

RankIDNameNationGliderSponsor..1/Day 1....2/Day 2.....3/Day 3....4/Day 4..Score
10030Cilliers LOUWRENSZAF777 Rook30917246196677
20222Grant SMITHZAFSWING Mistral-72356800591
30002John ANDERSONZAFSWING Mistral-730019200492
40009Florence SEXTONZAFADVANCE Iota0008686