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Event info

The Bright Open, is a 7 day XC paragliding competition from 10-16 February, 2018. This competition is HGFA AAA and FAI Cat 2

Pilot checkin page.

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Flying site

Bright flying site is located in Victorian Alps to the North East of Melbourne surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscape of various national parks. It is situated in between Mount Buffalo, Mount Bogong and Mount Feathertop that dominate about 1000-1200 m above the valley with peaks about 1500-1800 ASL.

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  • 105 Pilots max allowed
  • 15 Countries presented
  • ✅ CCC and lower allowed
    ❌ Uncertified wings prohibited
  • 🏆 🏅 FAI Status = CAT 2
  • left before start of event

Where is it

Public transport from Albury and Wangaratta stations


Event info

The Bright Open, is a 7 day XC paragliding competition from 10-16 February, 2018. This competition is HGFA AAA and FAI Cat 2

Pilot checkin page.

We are based around the Mystic Flight Park in Bright which has hosted numerous national and international competitions including PWC events

For pilot selection the top 50 from the previous season's Aussie ladder will be invited to pay first. They will have until the 31 Aug to pay the entry fee to secure a place. After the 31 Aug the remaining places are then open to all pilots where places are then allocated in order of payment received.

Flying site

Bright flying site is located in Victorian Alps to the North East of Melbourne surrounded by beautiful mountainous landscape of various national parks. It is situated in between Mount Buffalo, Mount Bogong and Mount Feathertop that dominate about 1000-1200 m above the valley with peaks about 1500-1800 ASL. There are two mostly common used takes off Mystic and Gundowring. Both sites are privately owned.

Flight info:
Ridge soaring, once above the height of the trees behind launch is quite easy (but sometimes bumpy). In order to get to that height, passes across the launch bowl in the best lift are often required. Once below launch height, head towards the landing paddock and you may be lucky and catch a thermal above the spur on the way down. When thermalling there are a number of places to head for. Thermals seem to gather above the spurs to the left and right. In general, the whole hill is a trigger point so be prepared for some monster lift straight away. During summer, the lift is quite strong and rough between 12 and 3:30pm. It is safer and more enjoyable to launch before or after. Many excellent XC flight have been achieved after launching as late as 5:30pm. During other seasons Bright hill can be flown almost anytime.
The site is centred amongst prime alpine flying country, so excellent XC flights are possible. Over the back to Harrietville, right to Tawonga Gap and the Kiewa Valley, or left to Porepunkah Hill, the Ovens Valley, Mt Buffalo, Myrtleford and onwards. On epic days try for Wangaratta or the McDonalds on the Hume Highway SW of Wangaratta.


Mystic Hill is an excellent site which is often on because it faces the valley wind and cooks up some strong thermals. It is located 2 Km south of Bright just off the road to Wandiligong. One of the most popular Victorian Inland Sites which has hosted numerous state, national competitions including a Paragliding World Cup event in 1998. There is a weather station on Mystic Hill; CH 21 UHF (Click transmit key 3 or 4 times to actuate).
A Mystic flying pass must be purchased before using this site, and can only be obtained over the NE Vic HG club web site at www.nevhgc.net.
Detailed info here: http://vhpa.org.au/Sites/Mystic.html

Mystic Take off
N (valley wind)
797m / 2614ft ASL, 477m / 1564ft AGL
Launch: S36.75855, E146.96575

Mystic Hill is located 2Km south of Bright just off the road to Wandiligong. Take off is unobstructed as all pine trees have been cut down over the entire face of the hill. It boasts the safest launch area (about 100m wide) of all the sites in this region. If possible, have one of the numerous local pilots show you the site for the first time as there are some shortcomings which have caught many pilots off guard. At T/O the landing paddock cannot be seen as it is shielded by the spur to the east. It is a good idea to survey the landing paddock first and then on the drive up, stop as you round the spur and sight it again from above before you fly.

Mystic Landing
For paragliders and hang gliders (if they can tolerate the relatively short approach), there is a new landing ground on the right hand side of the road on the way to Wandilagong. A car park is situated at the end of the landing ground.

The main bombout for hang gliders is across the Wandiligong rd, east of the smaller paddock. Look for the stile over the fence. The main dangers are the trees (normally) upwind producing turbulence, as the valley breeze blows most of the time from the NW. Expect turbulence on any normal summer’s day.

Strong lift in summer during the middle of the day. Power lines along road beside landing ground. Large expanses of 'tiger' country to South, and between Pyramid Hill and the Kiewa valley.
Before going XC, please check the map for allowed and forbidden landing paddocks in the area.


The hill is privately owned by Bob Saville, who in 2009 opened it as a free flying site for all. Bob welcomes anyone to fly from the hill as long as the flier is a member of the HGFA, this insures both yourself and him.
HGFA site description is here http://www.vhpa.org.au/Sites/Gundowring%20%28Savhill%29.html
This site has huge potential with reliable valley winds and thermals. The hill has a very large W thu NW grassy launch
This site requires 4WD capable vehicles to access by car

Gundowring Takeoff
640m / 2100ft ASL, 400m / 1310ft AGL
W-NW launch: S36.39551, E147.09023

Strictly no smoking while on the property. Please take all your rubbish home with you. There are no toilets on the hill. Please be discrete. Ideally dig a hole, do the toilet and fill in the hole.
Driving on the property is at your own risk. Be careful if at any time you have to go off the cut track, there are many wombat holes on the property.
All the local land owners are happy for pilots to land on their property. Please show them the greatest respect, be polite and follow the normal country code.

Selection and entry fee

Entry fee: Aus $250, late payment fee of $50 after 31 Jan, 2018
Payment details here
The competition is open to all pilots with a minimum of an Australia PG4 rating or equivalent
IMPORTANT - No transport is provided, we may use a site which requires 4WD only to access

Prize fund and scoring categories

Trophies for all classes: Target, Open, Serial, Sport, Fun
No prizes.

General schedule

09 Feb - 20:00 Registration
10 Feb - 08:00 Mandatory briefing
10-16 Feb - Competition days
11 Feb - 20:00 Gourmet burgers welcome BBQ, free for comp pilots
14 Feb - 19:00 Dinner, free for comp pilots
16 Feb - Presentation ceremony, pizza dinner, free for comp pilots

Daily schedule

08:30 Horse race
09:15 Radio briefing
19:00 Checkin deadline

Accommodation and Activities

Regional information,
actvities and accommodation

How to get here

Public transport from Albury and Wangaratta stations

Bright Australia


The nearest is Melbourne international airport (Tullamarine).
There is a shuttle bus that runs every 10 min from the airport to Melbourne Southern Cross train station.
Check fares and more: http://www.skybus.com.au/


The VLine bus service connects Bright with Wangaratta. Busses 2-3 times a day.
Check time table here http://www.vline.com.au/


The nearest train stations are Wangaratta and Albury.

Via Wangaratta
There is a train to Wangaratta from Melbourne Southern Cross 3 times a days. It takes about 3 hours to Wangaratta and then you can change for a bus to Bright. Check time table here http://www.vline.com.au/

Via Albury
There is a train going to Albury from Melbourne Southern Cross 2-3 times a days. Check time table here http://www.vline.com.au/ The journey takes about 4 hours. it can be a direct train or with change at Seymour. There is no public bus from Albury only taxi or transfer.


Bright is situated on the Great Alpine Road (B 500) about 75 kms from the Hume Highway (M31) which is the main road connecting Melbourne to Sydney. Bright is just over three hours drive from Melbourne, seven hours drive from Sydney, five hours drive from Canberra and twelve hours drive from Adelaide.

A great circular tour from Melbourne is to travel from Melbourne to Bairnsdale on the Princes Hwy then over the High Country on the Great Alpine Road and then back to Melbourne via the Hume Hwy.

If you are coming from Sydney or Canberra experience the stunning drive via the Snowy Mountains through Thredbo, Corryong to the Great Alpine Road and on to Bright.

BUT which ever way you come leave plenty of time to spend many days based in Bright and exploring the Ovens Valley and Alpine High Country.

NB Chains need to be carried on the Great Alpine Road between Harrietville and Omeo in the snow seasons and also should be carried between Thredbo and Khancoban in winter


It is 115 km from Albury and if you arrived there you can take a taxi.
Taxi – based in Bright. Contact 0408 589 370

See other useful "How to get" tips at http://www.brightvictoria.com.au/getting-here.aspx


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