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Event info

Welcome to the Corryong Paragliding Open 2019 and thanks for your interest in flying and competing at one of the best Alpine flying site's in Australia, the mighty Mt Elliot.
For those unfamiliar with the area, Corryong is located just a few thermal glides from Mt Kosciuszko the highest mountain in Australia where historically the very first Australian Paragliding Nationals were hosted not far from here in Thredbo 1990.

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Flying site

Mt Elliot is a regularly the location of the Corryong Cup and Victorian open. This mountain flying is the best around, especially in the later season. 9000' agl (about 3000 m ASL) is not uncommon. The valley system makes the flying spectacular and the retrieves easy and quick.

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  • 85 Pilots max allowed
  • 7 Countries presented
  • ✅ All certified wings allowed
  • 🏆 FAI Status = CAT 2 🏅
  • left before start of event

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • overall
  • womens
  • serial
  • sports
  • fun

Event info

Welcome to the Corryong Paragliding Open 2019 and thanks for your interest in flying and competing at one of the best Alpine flying site's in Australia, the mighty Mt Elliot.
For those unfamiliar with the area, Corryong is located just a few thermal glides from Mt Kosciuszko the highest mountain in Australia where historically the very first Australian Paragliding Nationals were hosted not far from here in Thredbo 1990.
Back then the first competition task was flown from the top of Mt Kosciuszko at 2200 metres. From on top of Mt Elliot you can see the Western face of the Main Range and in the early Spring and late Autumn its peaks are often still covered in snow.
The Corryong Open is a high level AAA/CAT2 competition with 450 ladder Points available, it's sanctioned by the HGFA and aimed at experienced inland intermediate to advanced rated pilots. If you fit this category of pilot we would love for you to come fly with us and experience the magic of flying cross country in Corryong.
The Corryong open is the final AAA event of the Australian season and is therefore a pilots last chance to gain Ladder and team ladder points.
Important info :
Pilots are required for arrange there own retrieve drivers, A list of drivers will be sourced.

Flying site

Mt Elliot is a regularly the location of the Corryong Cup and Victorian open. This mountain flying is the best around, especially in the later season. 9000' agl (about 3000 m ASL) is not uncommon. The valley system makes the flying spectacular and the retrieves easy and quick. It has extensive cross country possibilities are possible to the N, W, and S.

Mt Elliot main take off (NW) - 36°11'8" (36.1858)S; 147°58'33" (147.976)E - 932 m ASL
The main north-west takeoff is in front of the tower. It is a prepared earth ramp suitable for 1 PG/HG at a time.

Mother Wilson take off (NE) - S36.18041, E147.98305 900 m ASL
The north-east launch is located 100m on the left before the four-ways at the top when coming up the 4WD front track. The access track is marked with a pink ribbon in a small gum tree on a wider bend in the road. Follow old paths down slope to find the launch approx 50m from the track. It's another early morning start point. Beware of the transmission lines below the launch that come from Khancoban along the Upper Murray Valley Highway.

Situated in front of the hill on the western side, it can easily be seen from the Main take off if you look to the west. A row of trees along a dirt laneway (Red Cutting Lane) marks the LZ and big windsocks.
How to find Red Cutting Lane LZ in a car? Head out of town on the main road to the North until you see an Ozone windsock on the right side of the road (just before a huge set of power lines across the road) and turn right into Red Cutting Lane and follow until you see a row of trees on your left. Park your cars here in the shade.

Corryong is generally a very safe area to fly XC from with wide open Valleys. You should however be aware of the following danger. There is a power line running from the bottom of the 4WD Elliot Ridge track (Northern side of the Mountain) to the top of the Mountain and in places it is suspended very high above the ground with a very long span that can be very hard to see.
Be sure to make yourself familiar with where it is. Look to the right of the take off on the Northern side of the hill. If you can’t find it ask. If in doubt don’t go around that side of the hill. We will point this out in the site briefing on day one for all pilots.
The other safety issue can arise at times when the wind is over the back but due to rotor feels like it is coming up the face of launch. Always check the trees at the far back end of launch for any suspicious movement before taking off.

Strictly no smoking! There is severe fire risk due to the dry conditions of the countryside and we need to be very responsible and careful not to start any fires.
Overseas pilots: Do not use rocket flares in Australia! You risk starting a Bushfire which is much worse than the situation you may already be in.
Leave all gates as you find them! If the gate is already open, leave it open. If the gate is closed when you get to it, make sure you close it again!
Don’t land in horse paddocks! If you must in an emergency and you have absolutely no other option make some noise and let them know where you are. If a horse can see you coming it won’t be as likely to spook as when you suddenly appear from behind them. Horses are flight animals and run when scared. Walk away from them once you have packed up.
Cross fences with care! If you must cross a fence don’t climb the wire or stand on the gate. Either roll under the fence or walk to a gate. If the gate is locked and you still need to cross, stand on the hinges to the side or use the stay post to cross safely and to reduce damage to the fence. The “stay” post is the solid horizontal post that reinforces the strainer (main vertical post) in the fence.
Drivers are not to enter private property gates unless you have asked permission at the Homestead/Farm. Pilots can walk out to the road for pick up. Never assume right of access. If you land on private property thank the farmer and write their name and phone number down as they will be entered in a raffle and may win either a case of beer or a tandem flight.

Selection and entry fee

*** The Competition is now full, if you wish to go on the priority waiting list in the hope that someone cancels, please let Dave Gibbs know*** . The top 40 Aussie pilots have had until the 31st of July to pay in order to confirm there place, after this, the remaining places are open to all other pilots where payment guarantees there place, provided they are placed within the 80 places available. 5 wild cards will also be available. Paying is the only way to secure a place in this event.
Early Bird Entry Fee: $240 AUD, Late fee of $50 after the 1st of December 2018
Entry fee will include:
Task setting
Weather Information
Launch and Safety Infrastructure
FAI Sanctioning
CTAF Instruments
Daily and Final Presentations and more stuff.


To arrange your payment, you have a few options but you will have to email Dave for details.

a) Direct deposit (PREFERRED!)
Our account details for direct deposit are for Australian Pilots:
Bank: If you are in the top 40 you will be emailed the details.
Account name: David Gibbs

When internet banking please put your surname and entry to identify your payment. Example: smith Entry Corryong, once payment has been received you will be confirmed.

b) Paypal or Credit card (through Paypal)
Please make the payment through http://www.paypal.com.au to the email account, see above.

NOTE: Paypal and credit card payments incur an additional 5% to cover Paypal processing fees! Please make sure to include these in your payment (i.e. $250.00 AUD)

c) Cash at rego , provided there are places available, payment reserves your place.

There will be no refunds after the 1st of December 2018

We only accept cash if this has been organised with the comp organiser beforehand.


For International pilots we only have the Pay Pal option (see point b. above)
Please be sure you pay for all Paypal charges.

If you experience any problems paying your fees, please contact Dave asap on +61 429 775 554 either by text, email or a phone call.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Daily prizes for task winners of all classes and unlimited prize pool for the final winners. Winning categories are :Intermediate class, Reynolds class (up to 90kg) Fun class, Sports class, Serial class, overall/open class. Please note, this competition is not open to uncertified paragliders. Classes will be defined by Aspect ratio.
Overall prizes will be awarded at the presentation.

General schedule

19th January 2019
5pm - 9pm official registration at the bottom pub, Corryong.
20th January 2019
8:30 am - first briefing at the pub.
20th - 26th January, 2019 official competition days.
26th January 2019
Award ceremony, official presentation, at the pub. (should the final day be not flyable then the presentation can be brought forward).

Daily schedule

First briefing each day will be at the bottom pub at 9am
Second briefing on a flyable day will be on a launch.
Fly the task, get home ( or the pub ) and upload your track to highcloud.
Eat , drink, relax.
Pilots will be notified at first briefing and daily for evening events.

Accommodation and Activities

There’s a great range of varied accommodation available that caters to all budgets from free camping to Bed and Breakfast and clean comfortable motels. You could even rent a house. Be sure to book early so you don't miss out!

*Corryong Hotel (The Bottom Pub) Our preferred accommodation in town and also our competition headquarters. Its also the best pub in town with great meals and accommodation with air-con and clean tidy rooms. Landing paddock at the back of the Pub and a short walk to town with views of Mt Elliot take off from the back verandah while you enjoy a cold beer.
Ph: 02 6076 1004.

Mt Mittamatite Caravan Park (Offers discounts to PG pilots and about 15 mins walk to HQ) Has an inground pool a small general shop and is clean.
Ph: 02 6076 1152

Colac Colac Caravan Park - Just outside Corryong, in a beautiful valley with tall trees, well maintained lawn areas and a magnificent creek that never stops running is - Colac Colac (Clack Clack) Caravan Park.
Ph: 02 6076 1520

*Mountain View Motel (Clean and good value with a great “safe” landing paddock next door and very close to HQ and air conditioned rooms with views of the main take off and a pool to cool off in after your hard days flying and a barbecue.) Pilot Discount of 10% if you book directly , pilot friendly and supporters of our comp!
Ph: 02 6076 1766

Corryong Bed and Breakfast
Ph: 02 6076 1268

Camping: There are many great campsites by the beautiful clear running Murray river from the Towong Bridge campground (pictured below) or the campground at Indi Bridge not far from Fishers track on the eastern side of Mt Elliot.

Thowgla Valley: Self contained Cabin
Tracy and Barrie Young in the Thowgla Valley have a new fully self contained cabin with Queen size bed with flat screen TV, BBQ on the deck and full Telstra coverage *Comp pilot special price of just $90 per night for a couple, applies for the comp “Anytime you’re in Corryong for a flying trip give them a call for a special discounted price.” Located just 15 mins drive from Corryong in the most beautiful valley in Corryong the Thowgla. Call them on
Ph: 0418 747 157

Costello Real Estate in the main street of Corryong has rental properties available for pilots who want to be self sufficient and share a house for the duration of the competition or when they come back to Corryong later for a flying holiday. Call them on
Ph: 02 6076 2054

The Miners Cottage, Bed and Breakfast or holiday accommodation. 95 Hanson Street, Corryong. Ken and Faye Mc Kimmie. Continental Brekkie, pets allowed,kitchen,TV,Queen beds etc...
Ph: 02 6076 1066 or
mobile: 0427 480 717

Tintaldra: There is also accommodation close by in Tintaldra only 10 minutes drive from Corryong at the Old Tintaldra Pub. You can stay here from just $7.50 per night (yes,its an old rustic Pub) and very close to the Murray River. A great place for a beer and to relax after a hard days flying. Call Alf or Maija and tell them you are pilots when you book.
Ph: 02 6077 9261

Also in Tintaldra;

The Clearwater Caravan Park.
Camping and self contained cabins with a barby area. Canoe hire and a short walk to the beautiful Murray River.
Ph: 02 6077 9207 email: uppermurraycaravan@bigpond.com

Free camping: another camping spot is at Towong Bridge by the Murray River with toilet and great shade trees and flat camping areas. Another spot is at the Indi Bridge campground which is just past the 2wd track up Mt Elliot and it also has a toilet and nice camping by the Murray River. Pets are also allowed at both camp sites.

Other useful phone numbers are:

Tourist Information - 02 6076 2277
Police - 02 6076 1666
VIC State Emergency Services - 02 6076 1272
Towong Shire Council - Corryong - 02 6076 2160
Swimming Pool 12 - 7 pm - 02 6076 1480
Medical Centre - 02 6076 1733
Hospital - 02 6076 1355
Post Office - 02 6076 1351
*Hoggies Bakery - 02 6076 1196
Quality Meats - 02 6076 7619
*Foodworks Supermarket - 02 6076 1286
Hardware - 02 6076 1286
Corryong Taxi - 02 6076 1418
*Kate Elphick’s Corryong Pharmacy - 02 6076 125

Rare non flying days: What can you do?

Pizza n Cinema Cafe. Located in main street.
Ph: 02 6076 1791

Corryong has a public swimming pool next door to the comp HQ there are also plenty of swimming spots by the mighty Murray River. One of the safest spots for a dip is the creek at the bridge crossing just past Colac Colac Caravan Park, its shallow, safe slow moving water. Deep but fast water is at Bringabrong Bridge with some deep slower water at Towong Bridge.

Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pool
Worth the drive toward Tumut. The thermal pool was built over a hot spring and maintains a permanent temperature of 27 degrees through all seasons. The thermal pool is a breeding ground for the Eastern Banjo Frog and is a good indication of the health of the environment and cleanliness of the thermal pool's water.
Khancoban: Be sure to check out Waterfall Farm.. An absolutely beautiful spot on a hot day with good shade and cold clear water. The best swimming hole around. Situated on the Swampy Plains River. Heading out of town toward Thredbo turn right at the powerstation turn off on the right and follow the road till you come to a bridge over the river. Park your car here and walk down. Please take all rubbish with you when you leave!

Have a massage: Book one now by calling Stacey Miller of “Functional Fibres” on 02 6076 0599 or 0429 612490. *Highly recommended! Stacey’s massages are available by appointment only and very popular so call to book one now. Stacey has a reputation as one of the best!


Upper Murray Estate - Walwa (tasting centre-60371226)
Mt Lawson Winery - Koetong (60727527)


Bring your own canoe of you have one. The best local canoe/fishing trip is from Bringabrong bridge to Towong campground. Takes approx 3 hours and is both spectacular and often great fishing. *Remember to take a life jacket!

Or try the local commercial operators:

Tintaldra Caravan Park has canoes for hire and the Tintaldra Pub is close by and is an excellent place for a beer and a feed.
Upper Murray white water rafting-organised trips ( 1800 677 179)
Upper Murray resort - Walwa (canoes)-(02 6037 1226)
Tooma Host Farm ( www.toomahostfarm.com.au ) - Tallangatta Valley (02 6072 5555)
Activities including Abseiling, canoeing, flying fox. Horse riding for children

Mountain biking:

*Best to bring your own as there is plenty of great mountain biking and trail bike riding in Corryong and the surrounding hills. Ask Pete or Mike Brady for where to go...


Corryong Golf Course 6076 1081 (very close to comp HQ)

Khancoban Golf Course 6076 9468

Go to wildwalks.com for more walks in the Kosciuszko National Park.

Parks information (131963)-(www.parks.vic.gov.au)
Bluff Falls + Bushwalking tracks - Cudgewa
Burrowa - Pine Mountain National Park (131963)
Nariel Creek good swimming, fishing and picnic area

Horse Riding with Bar M Adventures:
Why not go for a trail ride in the Man from Snowy River country on experienced local Mountain horses on real bush trails with incredible views of the Main Range and surrounding countryside. There are rides from one or two hours and 1/2 and full day rides. Check out the website at www.barmhorsebackadventures.com.au then call Mal or Belinda Mc Kimmie on 0260760517.
(Bookings are essential!)

Trout Fishing
If you need any ‘basic’ tackle go to Ron Hoban Sports Store - Main street, Corryong (60761121)
Red and black Celta’s in size 2 or 3 or Rapala CD3 or CD5 are best! Spinnerbaits are best for the Cod with a very slow retrieve after allowing to sink beside old logs n snags.

How to get here

Corryong is just inside the Victoria/NSW boarder and is on the Murray valley highway and about 90km from Albury. You can fly into Melbourne or Albury airport.

Corryong Australia


The nearest airports is Melbourne.
Web: http://melbourneairport.com.au/


You can take a train from Melbourne, Sidney or Canberra to Albury and change for a bus or taxi after.
Timetable and fares http://www.nswtrainlink.info/


It takes 4 h 40 min (434 km) to get there from Melbourne airport via Hume Fwy/M31 and Murray Valley Hwy.

Accessing the take offs:
2wd: You don’t have to have a 4wd to get to the top of Mt Elliot as there is 2wd access up the East side of the hill following the Fishers Track. This is the main access track/road that we will use for the competition.

4wd: If you use the 4wd track (Mt Elliot Ridge track) use UHF 21 to tell others you are coming up or down and your approximate location. Don’t speed and be sure to engage low range 4wd. The vehicle going up the hill has the right of way.

We recommend that you use the 2wd track on the eastern (back) side of Mt Elliot called Fishers track as its much easier on your car and takes only a little longer in time. Windsocks will be attached to each turn off up the hill for easy spotting of access turn offs.


Corryong has a taxi service if you get stuck on Ph: +61 3 6076 1418


Waypoint files





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