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Event info

Welcome to the 11th Flow Mosel Paragliding Open 2020 and thanks for your interest in flying and competing at our Mosel River sites.
We are very happy and proud to be supported again by Flow Paragliders from Goldcoast Australia, represented by the Suisse Flow Team: Jan and Carel Lübbig.

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  • 85 Pilots Confirmed
  • 85 Pilots total registered
  • 165 EUR Entry fee
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  • 85 Pilots max allowed
  • 11 Countries presented
  • ✅ All certified wings allowed
  • 🏆 FAI Status = CAT 2 🏅
  • left before start of event

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • Overall
  • Overall Female
  • State Titles NRW
  • State Titeles RLP/SAR
  • Subtopper
  • Best Team

Event info

Welcome to the 11th Flow Mosel Paragliding Open 2020 and thanks for your interest in flying and competing at our Mosel River sites.
We are very happy and proud to be supported again by Flow Paragliders from Goldcoast Australia, represented by the Suisse Flow Team: Jan and Carel Lübbig.
For those who are unfamiliar with the area, the famous Moselle is running down from France through Luxembourg until it joins the mighty Rhine. The Moselle twists and turns its way between Trier and Koblenz along Germany's most beautiful river valleys, exactly where our takeoffs are located - at the steep wineyards of the Moselle, which allows us short ways for any wind direction. Save flatland flying with tricky technical handicaps because we are surrounded by some airspaces. Except the big SW take off at Klüsserath our take offs are pretty small. That is the reason our competition is limited to max. 85 Pilots.
We are running this event since 2007 now. and we are looking forward to invite the Mosel Open community again for no.11 at the beginning of May 2020. We will finish the event on a saturday. That guarantees everybody a smart drive home and there is no excuse to skip the big price giving ceremony at our HQ Deutsch Herrenhof.

Flying site

Flying sites Moselfalken:



Selection and entry fee

Comp Info 11th Flow Mosel Open 2020
Entry fee: 165,-€
Banc Account: named after selection
Organising NAC: DHV
Organising Committee:Die Moselfalken e.V.
Meet Director: Oliver Blonske
Jury Members: according German Sporting Code 2020 named at the 1st briefing
Location: Flying Sites of Moselfalken and DFC Trier. How to pay entry fee will be informed by email.

Participiants :Maximum of 85 Pilots

Requirement for Pilots to enter this competition:
-All pilots must hold a valid licence and FAI license and shall be of sufficient standard to meet the demands of an international competition.
-To guarantee tracking and retrieve a pilot must have Flymaster Tracker. It is mandatory. If pilots do not own a Fylmaster Tracker these trackers can be rented by Mosel Open Orga Team.
- Radio
- Mobile Phone
- Certified Equipment.
- Flymasterlive device/tracker

Attention: noTracker, no livetracking and no retrief granted!

35 places are reserved for the state titles NRW and RLP.
50 places for national and international pilots ,selection by WPRS Dec 2019, including:
- 8 spots for female pilots additional to their WPRS december 2019,
- 5 wildcards for the organizer;
- 5 spots for the International Flow Racing Team.
- 4 spots for Team Portugal
- 4 spots for Team Süd Tirol

Attention Pilots: The entry fee will not payed before you are selected.

In case of the expected early overbooking we close the Reggo before 31st of December 2019.
All international Pilots which are qualified now have time to pay their entry fee within 2 weeks.
After the 2 weeks payment period free places (caused by non payed entry fees) are handed to the Pilots on waiting list. There is no ranking for pilots on the waiting list.

Refund Policy

If you decide to drop out then it is NOT possible to nominate someone to replace you - you will be refunded and the slot will be filled by another pilot at the organiser's discretion.
No refund for cancelations after 30th of March 2020.

Rules: DHV-Wettbewerbsordnung 2020 - FAI Section 7

Technical req.: Each competing glider shall be of sufficient performance and standard of airworthiness to meet the demands of international championships. It must be based on a Paraglider certification .The organisers have the right to refuse any glider not of acceptable standard or configuration.
Documentary proof in English or German of insurance covering public liability risk to a value of 1.5 Mio. Euro must be presented to the Organisers before the start of the Championships, as well as a personal accident insurance Covering medical assistance and reparation. Helicopter Rescue insurance is obligatory.
All pilots fly on their own responsibility. All pilots accept without restriction to hold the Organisers, its bodies and members harmless and waive all claims to compensation. – See page 3; DHV-Liability Disclaimer .
The scorering office provides cables according to standards of 2020, means USB, old instruments with serial cables: The pilot must bring his own cable.

Retrieve: Retrieve and official shuttle service to take off/bomb out will be organized. No private drive to take off! No private parking on take off or roads leading to the take off!

What is included?

- Red Cross Team every day at Take Off
- Shuttle Service to HQ from designated camp sites
- Retrieve
- Premium Lunch Packets (meat+veggie) from a local butcher,
- Cold liquids for adults at goal,
- Scoring
- Live Tracking
- Regular updates and informations on Airtribune
- Liquid trophys for Taskwinners and extra ordanory performance
- Free Presentation Dinner
- Trophys for the winners for several categories
- Back Office all day

Prize fund and scoring categories

Overall male/female
State Titles NRW and RLP/SAR
Best Team

General schedule

We meet every morning latest 9:30 am at the HQ. Short briefing before pilots jump the busses to access our take offs. According to the weather we drive between 10 and 45 mins. up to our take offs. Strictly no private driving or parking on take off or roads leading to the take off.
Detailed and longer briefing on take off.
Changes and daily informations are provided at the HQ or the Airtribune Blog!

Daily schedule

Tuesday 28th April:
Training day with training task shown here on Airtribune,
16pm Official sign in/, download and registration

Weds April 29th:
DOWNLOAD and reggo for late arrivals 8:00 to 9:00 am.
Mandadatory briefing 9:00 am at the HQ or a quick start to take off.

Thursday April 31st:
9:30am short briefing before leaving to take off at 10:00am

Friday May 1st:
9:30am short briefing before leaving to take off at 10:00am

Saturday May 2nd:
9:30am short briefing before leaving to take off at 10:00am
19:00pm price giving ceremonie with meditaranean buffet serviced drinks and open end party in the knight's cellar bar

Accommodation and Activities

Hotel Deutschherrenhof where the HQ is hosted:
HQ is located at the Hotel Deutschherrenhof, different price catgories, send a request.
Social Events, Briefing and Departure every day from/at the Deutschherrenhof.

1km south of the HQ underneath the bridge is a Camp for Mobilhomes only. Means no shower and toilet.
1,5 km north of the HQ, same road, is an official caravanpark. We will shuttle pilots from both places to the HQ every the morning. Easy walking distance without gear. No wild camping close to HQ!

WOMOS: Es gibt 1km vom HQ entfernt einen reinen Womostellplatz unterhalb der Brücke Zeltingen. Aber: Ohne Sanitär, also keine Duschen und Toiletten, nur für autarke Womos, wird kontrolliert.

Oberhalb des HQ, ca 1,5km in Erden, ist ein richtiger Campingplatz, z.B. für die VW Bulis etc.
Wir werden morgens von beiden o.g. Camps die Piloten zum HQ shutteln. Abfahrt ist jeden Morgen unterhalb des HQ. Dort keinesfalls campen! Easy walking distance zu beiden Camps.

Our Tip for B&B:
"Altes Schulhaus Rachtig"
phone: +49 6532 3659

Only 2 km distance : https://camping-erden.de/
Campground at the riversite.

Campground at the other Riversite,

How to get here

Hotel Deutsch Herrenhof

Deutschherrenhof, Deutschherrenstrasse 23 in 54492 Zeltingen Rachtig
Zeltingen-Rachtig is about 40kms north east of Trier, next smaller well known town is Bernkastel-Kues. Next Airport is Ryan Air/Frankfurt Hahn.
Railway line direction Trier or Koblenz, stop at Wittlich/Bombogen.

L189, 54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig, Deutschland
Zeltingen Rachtig Germany


Waypoint files


Oli Blonske
Wine Taster
Holger Daehne
Ronny Schmidt
Annett Zimpel
Office and Retrieve
Nicole Elsenbach
Design and Office
Silke Pahlke
Office and Retrieve
Susanne Goss
1st Launchmarshall




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Men     confirmed

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