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Event info

The X-Lakes ‘Academy’ event takes place on the Friday and is a one-day Wainwright bagging challenge for up to 30 pilots. The event is a charity fundraiser and is run in conjunction with the Lakes Charity Classic competition.

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Flying site

A 1-day ‘Academy’ challenge (run in parallel to the Hardcore event) is aimed to engage newcomers, and those that may not be in the ‘super fit’ category, to participate, enjoy the Lakes and to have some fun.

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  • 13 Pilots Confirmed
  • 15 Pilots total registered
  • 40 GBP Entry fee
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  • 30 Pilots max allowed
  • 2 Countries presented
  • Allowed classes unspecified
  • This is not an FAI sanctioned event
  • left before start of event
  • Registration will open on
    20/01 18:00 (GMT)

  • 🛰️

    The organiser will supply Live trackers to you, for safety and scoring

    Live trackers supplied
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    The region generally has good phone coverage

    Good phone coverage
  • 🛰️

    Live Tracking is MANDATORY in this event to score. The organiser will provide the trackers.

    Live trackers mandatory


Event info

The X-Lakes ‘Academy’ event takes place on the Friday and is a one-day Wainwright bagging challenge for up to 30 pilots. The event is a charity fundraiser and is run in conjunction with the Lakes Charity Classic competition.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are doing the X-Lakes Academy One Day Event you can not enter any of the LCC Events due to the fact that they overlap.

Please explore the X-Lakes website for details of prior events

EVENT ETHOS: https://x-lakes.uk/x-lakes-the-ethos/

RISK STATEMENT: https://x-lakes.uk/x-lakes-challenge-risk-statement/

SIGN TO FLY: https://x-lakes.uk/wp-content/docs/NOTICE_OF_ASSUMPTION_OF_RISK-SIGN_TO_FLY.pdf (a signed copying is required at the time of collecting your tracker)

Flying site

A 1-day ‘Academy’ challenge (run in parallel to the Hardcore event) is aimed to engage newcomers, and those that may not be in the ‘super fit’ category, to participate, enjoy the Lakes and to have some fun. The Academy welcomes Club Pilots (or above) with mountain flying and cross-country experience. Site briefings and some route guidance is available for the one-day event but entrants should be competent on foot in the hills and self reliant in the air.

The X Lakes Academy encourages you to create your own adventure in the Fells of the English Lake District (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). With open fell tops and wide valley bottoms it is an ideal arena for hike and fly. The Academy challenge involves ‘bagging’ some set-task Wainwrights in the vicinity either by foot or paraglider. You can extend your score by strategically bagging further Wainwrights on route.

Selection and entry fee

There are 30 places for those who register for the one-day Academy event. These will be awarded by ballot. If successful, entrants will be invited to make their charitable donation. If they fail to do so then their place will be offered to another pilot.

Don’t try to register for both Academy and Hardcore as the two events are targeted at different pilots. However one-day Academy pilots can also register for entry in one of the subsequent LCC competition events.

The X-Lakes Entry Process
Pilots must pre-register and should self-certify that they hold the BHPA ‘Club Pilot' or above rating

Documents required at registration

  • The organiser requires you to present your National flying licence.

    National Licence

Cancellation Policy

If entrants wish to cancel their entry, then there will be no refund of the charitable donation.

If the organisers have to cancel more than four weeks prior to the event, then all payments will be offered for refund although entrants may opt to allow their unused entry fee to go forward for donation to charity.

Both events will proceed regardless of the weather.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Entrants will carry trackers and a live leader board will collate the scoring. However the final ranking will be announced after the 2 day Hardcore event on the Saturday. Prize-giving will follow and supporters are invited to join the pilots for a meal which is included in your entry.

A trophy is awarded for the first place Academy pilot, based on completing the task and accruing the highest score of Wainwright's bagged. However this is a collaborative event and we value everyone who undertakes the X-Lakes Academy challenge!

There is a prize draw open to all entrants.

A final prize will also be awarded for the best event photograph shared with the organisers (which pilots/supporters/fans agree can be used to help promote the event in future years).

General schedule

Thursday 20th June, 2024
1600-1900 : Official Registration and equipment inspection
1900 : Opening muster and overview briefing

Friday 21st June 2024
0800 : Mandatory Safety Briefing, Tracker collection and course task.
0900 : Academy Hike and Fly start
1600 : Finish by time. Thereafter relax and rest. Rehydrate over a beer, compare adventures, tell stories and refuel at the catering station.

Saturday 22nd June 2024
1800 : Post event meal.
1900 : Official scores & trophy award. Prize draw and raffle.

Daily schedule

Academy Challenge Schedule :


All competitors will be welcomed to registration from 4pm on the evening prior to the events. An event briefing will take place at around 7pm. During the briefing the Task Committee and organisers will discuss local weather and possible route options. The technical support team will demonstrate the tracking systems and the safety support systems will be discussed. Pilots must share this information with their supporter.

Competitors are required to report for the compulsory safety briefing at the event venue, at 8.00am on the Friday of the event. During the briefing local weather and routing information will be discussed by a Task Committee drawn from the participants including discussion of one-day routes for the prevailing conditions.

The event will begin around 9.00am. Any change to this plan will be shared by SMS/group chat facility. During event hours, the pilot can only elect to walk or fly. No other form of transport is allowed.

The Academy event finishes at 4.00pm on Friday. Late finishers will be treated as follows:
– 10 points will be deducted from the pilot score for each ten minutes of lateness. The 1st second past 4pm results in 10 points being deducted, 20 at 10 minutes and 1 second, up to 60 points at 4:50 and 1 second.
– Over an hour late scores zero.

In any case where a competitor cannot make it back by 5pm on Friday they must call in and report back by this time. However, all their points will be forfeited.

Any competitor may quit the event any time. However, they must inform the event organisers of it and must return their tracker to the event HQ. Failure to report quitting or return their tracker could disbar the participant from future events.

Accommodation and Activities

Run in conjunction with the Lakes Charity Classic at Grasmere Sportsfield we are allowed to camp there and to park vehicles. Modestly sized motorhomes and caravans are welcomed too. No booking for camping is required and all campers are asked to pay on arrival at the gate.

There are excellent camping facilities available with men and women’s showers and toilets, although there are no electric hookups for campervans.

If you prefer stone walls around you, then Grasmere has a number of hotels and B&Bs of various grades and there is a local YHA in the village. We recommend a search via Booking.com

How to get here

The map below shows event HQ / Grasmere Sports Field location.

Please follow this link for a map of Wainwrights:

1 Stock Ln, Grasmere, Ambleside LA22 9SJ, UK
Grasmere United Kingdom


Waypoint files





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