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Event info

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The venues for the British All Comers Open competition, 2018, is confirmed as Feltre, Italy, 21st – 27th July.

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Flying site

Monte Avena flying site is located in south-west of the Dolomites mountain range in Italian Alps. The region is very popular for its beautiful scenery and natural reserve parks. Usually fights take direction towards the city of Belluno where the highest peaks often reach an elevation more than 2000 m ASL.

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  • 120 Pilots max allowed
  • 17 Countries presented
  • Allowed classes unspecified
  • 🏆 FAI Status = CAT 2 🏅
  • left before start of event

Prize funds and scoring categories

  • Overall
  • Sports
  • Reynolds (sub95kg)
  • Series (Brits)
  • Women

Event info

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The venues for the British All Comers Open competition, 2018, is confirmed as Feltre, Italy, 21st – 27th July. Registration/practice day 21st, first task 22nd and last task/prize-giving 27th.

Please note the competition will be run over six days, ending on the Friday to allow those attending follow-on competitions a day to travel.

2018 is going to be an exciting year for our British competition scene. The Competitions Panel has decided to make a few important changes to the British Open Competitions, to hopefully make them more attractive to a wider audience.

Firstly, this new All Comers Open is to be introduced aimed at those with a minimum of competition experience who’d like to enjoy a fun, well run, Category 2 competition with more of an accent on learning new competition flying skills. We’ve had a lot of feedback from pilots who’ve enjoyed the GIN Wide Open and Naviter Open formats and we believe we can incorporate evening debriefs, events and talks from Guest speakers that will appeal to those who want to learn how to progress to the next level. The All Comers Open will take place in Feltre, Italy, from 21st – 27th July 2018. This family friendly venue also played host for the highly successful 2017 World Championships, and meet director will be our own Brett Janaway. Pilots registering for the competition must have competed in at least one competition previously for their registration to be approved. Places will also be reduced to avoid congestion in the air, but tasks will still be challenging enough for the most accomplished pilots.

The approved pilot list will be ordered by time/date of registration and pilots will be invited to pay in ranked order. Registration for the competition will open on 3rd February 2018 and pilots will be invited to pay beginning 17th February.

We will be offering all those who can attend both Opens (this, and the British Championshipn is Macedonia) a 5% retrospective discount. There will also be auto entry to the Championships Open for the top 10 sports and top 10 overall in the All Comers Open. To further reward those that enter both Open competitions there will also be a new Series prize winner.

The All Comers Open will, same as the Championship Open, attract PWC qualification letters and we therefore hope it will appeal to our young BPRA crew and their fellow pilots from other Euro nations, looking for a fun comp where they may also qualify for that all important first PWC season.

These are quite important changes but we believe they will appeal both to those looking to come into our Championships for the first time and those wanting to compete at the highest level.

We look forward to 2018 and wish you all an excellent New Year.

British Paragliding Competitions Panel

Flying site

Monte Avena flying site is located in south-west of the Dolomites mountain range in Italian Alps. The region is very popular for its beautiful scenery and natural reserve parks. Usually fights take direction towards the city of Belluno where the highest peaks often reach an elevation more than 2000 m ASL. Best season for paragliding competition is from May to August with sunny days and thermal activity. The main wind is from south, south-east with an average cloud base around 2.000 - 2.500 meters with a temperature from 20C to 30C.

Take off Monte Avena (1400 mt. ASL)
The place has several launch grounds that allows pilots choose several directions depending on the wind , south, east or west.

Take off West - 46.030513, 11.816399
Take off South, South-East - 46.029925, 11.826044

The Monte Avena is essentially a wide pasture land with no obstacles. In this open wide place more than 20 gliders can arrange their flight and top landing is possible even to newly patented pilots. Thanks to a level dirt road it is easy to get to even foo minibus or an ambulance. Near to the take off there is a parking area for more than 30 cars and an agritourist resort (Malga Campet).

The whole area is fair for flying and there are several safe landings and the main roads going to the flight area are not busy and the pilots’ pick-up is easy.

Launch site is a 25 minute drive on an asphalted (except for the last 2 km) road from the main landing area/HQ and can be accessed by all types of vehicles.
All the pilots and the team leader will have transport to the take-off area during event days by buses or shuttle bus.
Back to the main take off there is an ample parking area available for visitors.

The official landing is on the sports area of “Boscherai” in Pedavena (46.029962, 11.879796, 350 m ASL) at the bottom of Monte Avena, east of Belluno valley, a plateau which stretches to the west about 40 km and 15 to the north. Thanks to its wide extension of about 20.000 m2 and absence of obstacles the rectangular surface of the ground allows safe landings whatever is the wind direction.

Today the landing ground is a part of a bigger sports area which includes two fields for football and rugby, bathroom and lavatory and a car park for more than 60 cars. During flying competitions and events this area becomes a parking area for vans and camping lot available to pilots and their families.

Selection and entry fee

The registration will NOT be done on Airtribune. In order to register please go to:


The cost of entry will be £220 GBP (approximately 245 Euros), and is in line with most other major competitions.

Prize fund and scoring categories

Open Event Prizes
Awarded for:
• Overall Class
• Reynolds Class
• Sports Class

British Championship Prizes
• Top 10 finishers Overall
• Reynolds Class
• Sports Class
• Female Pilots
• British Best Newcomer
• Series Winner (Champs + All Comers)

The number of prizes in each class will be calculated as follows:
• More than 10 competing in a class and we have 1st - 3rd prizes
• Between 5 and 10 and we provide 1st and 2nd only
• Less than 5 we have 1st only

If there are less than 3 gliders in any class no prizes or trophy will be awarded.
The Best Newcomer award is awarded at each Open and National Event to the highest ranked British pilot competing in a British Open or National event for the first time.

Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the organisation.

General schedule

Official Registration:
21st July, 14h00
Competition Headquarters

Training day:
21st of July

Mandatory Safety Briefing:
22nd of July, 09h00
HQ Marquee

Contest flying days:
22nd of July to 27th July

Prize-giving & Closing Ceremony:
27th of July, 21h00
HQ Marquee

The programme is subject to change. Any changes before the start of the competition will be posted on the website.After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director and posted on the official board at headquarters.

Daily schedule

On training and competition days:

08h30: Headquarters open
09h30: Transportation to take off
10h15: Task and Safety Committee meetings
11h15: Pilot briefing/Task briefing
12h00: Take-off window opens (depending on the actual weather conditions)
16h00: Scoring office opens
21h00: Provisional results (depending on the last pilot being retrieved)

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule before the start of the competition will be posted on the website. After the start of the competition, changes will be announced by the Meet Director.

Accommodation and Activities

Albergo Croce d'Aune
Passo Croce d’Aune, 32,
32034 Pedavena (BL)
Tel. +39 0439 977000, mobile +39 328 2145009
e-mail: albergocrocedaune@virgilio.it

Hotel Casagrande
Via Belluno, 47
32032 Feltre (BL)
Tel. 0439 840025 - Fax 0439 840783
e-mail: info@hotelcasagrande.it

Sagittario Hotel Ristorante
Via Casonetto, 174 - 32032 Feltre (BL)
Tel. e fax 0439 391148
e-mail: info@albergosagittario.it

Il Giardino di San Paolo
via S. Paolo 10 - 32032 Feltre (BL)
Tel. +39 328 1252240
e-mail: dante.zallot@gmail.com

Casa Alpina San Marco
Via A. Vecellio, 39 - 32034 Pedavena BL
Tel. +39 0439 396483
e-mail: sanmarco@fondazioneveneziaservizi.it

La Cuba Hotel Garni
Viale Farra, 24 - 32032 Feltre (BL)
email: info@hotelgarnilacuba.it

Locazione Turistica Stella Alpina
32030 Toschian di Cesiomaggiore (BL)
Tel. +39 0439 43111
Tel. +39 333 8605769
email: sanmarco@fondazioneveneziaservizi.it

Bio Agriturismo Vegan “Campo di Cielo”
Via Centenere 5, 32030 Cesiomaggiore (BL)
Tel. +39 348 493 5967
Tel.+39 0439 390206
email: campodicielo@libero.it

Rifugio Pranolz di Magagnin Alessandra
Via Pranolz 7, 32020 S.Antonio tortal (BL)
Tel. +39 347 109 2858
email: info@rifugiopranolz.com

Camping Gajole
Loc. Gajole - Arsie’ (BL)

Villa San Liberale
Viale San Liberale 9- 32032 Feltre (BL)
347 967 6850

Albergo Diffuso FALLER
Associazione "Albergo Diffuso Faller"

Via Faller, 58 - 32030 Sovramonte [BL] - Tel. 331 8418436

Silvio & Isabella
Bed&Book Casa Novecento

Via Molan, 2 – 32032 FELTRE BL
Tel. e fax 0439.83021; Silvio De Marchi +393669359543; Isabella Pilo +393384480642
Facebook: B&B Casa Novecento

Antico Albergo S. Antonio
Via G. Marconi, 5 32030 Fonzaso (BL)
Tel. +39 0439 5073

Camping Village Lago Arsiè
Via Campagna 14/l - 32030 Arsiè (BL)
Tel +39 0439 58540 Cell 0039 338 716 8864

B&B il Gufo
Via Costa Solana 2, 32032 Feltre (BL)
Tel. +39 0439 42267 Cell +39 328 338 2981

La Capannina (tigelleria-pizzeria)
Tel: 0437 801433
Email: lacapanninatigelleria@gmail.com

B&B FlySouvenir
Via Corte 31
31030 Borso del Grappa (TV)
t. +39 347 890 75 14 / WA +34 617 618 105

Touristic Consortium Dolomiti Prealpi

Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

Tourism Official Website of Feltre

How to get here

Venice Marco Polo Airport
Venice Treviseo Airport
Trieste Airport

32034 Pedavena, Province of Belluno, Italy
Monte Avena Italy


The nearest international airports are Venice and Treviso. From there you can to get to Pedavena by car or by train.


Train station Feltre. Check http://trenitalia.it for best timing solution.


Take road SR348 in direction to Feltre.


Waypoint files





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Men     confirmed

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Tasks and results

Task 1

22 Jul, 2018

45.6 km — Race to goal

Comp. results:

Task 2

23 Jul, 2018

68.5 km — Race to goal

Comp. results:

Task 4

25 Jul, 2018

52.5 km — Race to goal

Comp. results:

Task 5

27 Jul, 2018

59.9 km — Race to goal

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