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Event info

The Dutch Open 2018 is organised from 19-25 August 2018 in Laragne
Registration is on August 18th in the evening.

The Dutch Open will be held for Class 1 (including Sportclass) & Class 5.

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Event info

The Dutch Open 2018 is organised from 19-25 August 2018 in Laragne
Registration is on August 18th in the evening.

The Dutch Open will be held for Class 1 (including Sportclass) & Class 5.
Seperate tasks will be organised, when at least 5 pilots in these seperate class are in the competition.

Using a smartphone for live tracking during the competition is Highly Recommended because of Safety, Retrieve & Faster Scoring.
Please download the airtribune-app on your phone, create an account and register(and try it) before the contest begins.
(Since June 2017 there are no additional costs for Internet in Foreign countries if you have an European Telco Account)

A maximum of 80 participants are allowed.

to the mountain
There is transport to the mountain available. Details will follow on the first briefing.

We have organised retrieve for the participants of the Dutch Open. Costs is 100 euro. There are limited places available.
Registration for this can be done via the emailaddress noted in the 'contacts' section at the bottom of this website.

Already registered and unable to come?
If you registered and you are unable to come, please contact us. You will get back your registration fee minus 40 euro.

Kind regards,
Annet Vieregge

Flying site

Chabre & Aspres

Selection and entry fee

For the Dutch competitors there are maximum 30 places reserved.
70 places are reserved for first subscribed&paid then you are in.
10 places are free to choose by the organisation.

The competition is open to all competition hangglider pilots. Pilots will need to present the following valid documents at registration:

- B3 brevet or an IPPI 5 or equivalent hang gliding license issued by your NAC
- a FAI sporting license
- a 3rd party liability insurance of at least 1.500.000 (!!!) (WA verzekering)

This competition includes a free t-shirt & competition diner.
Competitionfee for subscribers to the Dutch Open is 125 euro.
Registration after August 1st is 140 euro.
We would appriciate if you could pay the 40 euro registrationfee to cover the organisationcosts.
You can also pay the total competion fee. If the competition will be canceled only the 40 euro is debited to get some of the organisationcosts funded. The rest will be paid back.

Payment of 40 euro can be done via:
Please follow our paymentlink to fullfill your payment

account: NL78 INGB0000179618
Description: Dutch Open 2018 - [YOUR-NAME]

IDEAL betaling
Volg deze betalingslink om uw betaling uit te voeren.

Prize fund and scoring categories

The following rankings are scored:
- Dutch Open
- Nederlands Kampioenschap Berg (Dutch Nationals Mountain)
- Dutch Open Woman

Each of those in the following categories (at least 5 competitors are required to have a valid category):
- Class 1
- Sport class
- Class 5

General schedule

Saturday, August 18th 2018
17:00 - 20:00 - Registration

Sunday, August 19th 2018
09:00 - 09:30 - Mandatory welcome & safety briefing

Sunday August 19th 2018 - Saturday 25th 2018
Contest Flying days

Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
19:00 - Pilot Diner

Saturday August 25th, 2018
19:00 - Price-giving

Daily schedule

09:00 - Briefing on Camping Laragne Monteglin
11:30 - Briefing on mountain
12:30 - Take off window opens
17:00 - Scoring Open
21:00 - Scoring Closed
21:30 - Provisional Results

Accommodation and Activities

Camping Laragne: www.camping-monteglin.com

How to get here

Chabre: 44.298067, 5.765072
Camping Monteglin: 44.31287, 5.835409

Camping Laragne Monteglin, France
Laragne Monteglin France


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