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Event info

Competition to be held at Pedro Bernardo, Spain from 22nd to 28th of June.

Flying site

Pedro Bernardo is a flying site located in the province of Ávila, Castile and León, in central Spain. It is located on the south side of the Central System in the Sierra de Gredos and looking towards the valley of Tietê. Pedro Bernardo offers good thermal conditions during most of the year. For its beautiful panoramic view of the valley and the Montes de Toledo, is known as the Balcony of Tiétar.
It has 3 take offs facing south, east and west. The prevailing wind in the valley is the SW although one can fly very well with winds of this component. Several flights of more than 200km in different directions have made Pedro Bernardo a very popular flying site.

Take off West - Risco de la Sierpe
1250 m ASL (30 T 0337890 UTM 4457853)
AVL:800 m
Exposure: W, SW

Take off East
1000 m ASL (30 T 0339345 UTM 4457311)
AVL:550 m
Exposure: E

480 m ASL (30 T 0339941 UTM 4454803)

Selection and entry fee

Please register for the event here:



Registration Process 2019
Your registration requires approval that you meet the minimum Pilot Entry Requirements for the British Paragliding Open Competitions 2019.

Approved pilots will be invited to pay for each competition according pilot rank (see below).

Your place at a competition is not confirmed until we have received your payment for the competition. The Pilot Lists show the current status of your registration.

Pilot Ranking
Pilots are listed for each competition in ranked order and confirmed entry to the competition will be prioritised based on rank.

Pilots will be ranked for each Open competition as follows:

‘Winter’ Open, Roldanillo, Colombia

Pilots will be ranked by date/time of registration (NOT date/time of payment).
British pilots will be listed by rank first, followed by pilots of all other nations by rank. British pilots will be invited to pay first in ranked order, followed by pilots of other nations one week later, also in ranked order.
‘Championship’ Open, Pedro Bernardo, Spain

Pilots will be ranked by their highest WPRS position in the past 2 years.
British pilots will be listed by rank first, followed by Dutch pilots by rank and finally pilots of all other nations by rank. British and Dutch pilots will be invited to pay first in ranked order, followed by pilots of other nations one week later, also in ranked order.
IMPORTANT: When you register for a competition, if you do not enter your ‘correct’ FAI and CIVL numbers then you will not be ranked correctly. Note: if you are a British pilot your FAI number is your BHPA number. Also when you register you will be required to enter your ‘FAI Sporting Licence Nationality’. This is not another nationality you happen to hold, nor is it where you were born, or where you currently live, but is the country that issued your Sporting Licence (‘United Kingdom’ for BHPA issued licences).

Once a competition is full, pilots will be added to a waiting list and then if a place becomes available it will be offered to the next highest ranked pilot on the list. The pilot will receive an email from us inviting them to pay their entry fee and will have 1 week to do so before the place is offered to the next highest ranked pilot on the list.

The entry fee for 2019 will be £220 for each Open competition.
Fees and dates will be strictly adhered to. Payments are made on our website via PayPal with a Credit Card, Debit Card, or using your own PayPal account. PayPal uses data encryption for the protection of your card details. The pilot entry fee includes the fee charged by PayPal for administering your online payment. We do NOT accept cheques or American Express. If you wish to pay for more than one person’s entry fee on-line you must do so logged-in as each pilot.

If you are offered a place at a competition venue, at the start of the competition, then you must pay your pilot entry fee in cash, in the local currency.

The pilot entry fee for each competition is set according to the real cost of organising and hosting the competition. We do not aim to make a profit.

Please Contact Us if you have a difficulty making payment.

For each competition entered, any pilot who cancels their registration will be given a refund as follows:

Cancellation date more than 60 days before competition start date: 50% refund
Cancellation date between 60 and 30 days before competition start date: 30% refund
Cancellation date less than 30 days before competition start date: 0% refund
The following caveat applies:

Any pilot proving (with medical certificate) incapacity to compete through illness/injury should Contact Us the British Paragliding Competitions Panel as soon as possible. Any refund, if appropriate, will be decided by the British Paragliding Competitions Panel. Refunds will NOT be issued to ill/injured pilots cancelling within 7 days of the start of a competition regardless of personal circumstances, rather pilots should contact their travel insurance provider for advise on any compensation due.
Cancellation of a Competition by the Organisation
In the event the organisers deem it necessary to cancel, relocate, or reschedule the competition before the first scheduled day you will be entitled to a refund of any entry fees paid to the organisers.

After the start of the competition any refunds will be at the sole discretion of the organisers.

The organisers will not be liable for any costs incurred by anyone attending, or intending to attend the event, or any consequential losses arising from the cancellation, relocation, or rescheduling of the event.

Prize fund and scoring categories

6.1 Open Event Prizes
At each Open or National event Prizes will be awarded for:
• Overall Class
• Reynolds Class
• Sports Class
• Female Pilots

6.2 Overall British Championship Prizes
• Top 10 finishers Overall
• Sports Class
• Female Pilots
British Best Newcomer
The number of prizes in each class will be calculated as follows:
• More than 10 competing in a class and we have 1st - 3rd prizes
• Between 5 and 10 and we provide 1st and 2nd only
• Less than 5 we have 1st only
If there are less than 3 gliders in any class no prizes or trophy will be awarded.
The Best Newcomer award is awarded at Championships to the highest ranked
British pilot competing in the Championships for the first time.
Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the organisation.

General schedule

The British Championship Open 2019 will be held in Pedro Bernardo, Spain from Saturday 22nd June to Friday 28th June 2019.

Registration and practice task will be on 22nd June, first task will be on Sunday 23rd June and final task will be on Friday 28th June.

Registration is now open.

Registered pilots will be ranked by their highest WPRS position in the past 2 years. Full details are at https://pgcomps.org.uk/?page_id=511

Daily schedule

Accommodation and Activities

How to get here

Pedro Bernardo


The nearest airport is Madrid (Barajas).



Inigo Redin
Meet Director
Alfonso Diaz Malagon
Maite Moreno Benito
Samuel Aguilera Romero



Confirmed pilots
Allowed pilots
Total registered
# Name WPRS Rank Sponsor Glider Status

Overall Class

  1. Harry Bloxham (319)
  2. Simon Mettetal (810)
  3. Kiyoshi Nariyama (820)

Overall Class results

Tasks and results